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How to Build Your Event Brand

Are you struggling to build your brand strategy, so you shine over the competition?

Do you see other event planners standing out from the crowd and wonder how they’re doing it?

Branding is creating a strategy that triggers a positive response within a specific audience.

Brands are designed. They’re planned. They don’t happen overnight. They take time and can often be considered works of art.

Creating a brand requires a vision for what the outcome will look like. Then taking action to see that brand come to fruition.

Build an Event Brand Strategy

Let’s get real for a second…

Your brand is not just your logo, website, fonts, or colors.

Some experts say it’s your reputation.

Some say it’s how your customers think and feel about you when they interact with you.

It’s intangible.

One thing we can agree on, branding is about your design, your messaging and your event services.

Like our guest expert, Bobby Umar, says, it’s about your reputation.

Bobby is authentic and funny, a best-selling author, he’s spoken at TEDx 5 times, is a Huffington Post contributor and listed as Inc Magazine’s top 100 leadership speakers.

During the video, you’ll learn:

👍 How to figure out your event brand
👍 How to combine 2 different brands or passions that you have into one brand
👍 Where and how to build your brand

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