An event planning portfolio is a key tool in presenting and showcasing your talents and can take the form of a website, an album or even a scrapbook.

Event planning is exciting and we make a big difference in the lives and businesses of our clients. By creating a winning event portfolio, you’ll be able to sell your services with confidence.

If you’re reluctant to sing your own praises, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of putting together your own event planning portfolio, keep reading…

Creating an Event Planning Portfolio

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen or sheet of paper or hearing those voices of doubt say, “I don’t have any talents” or ” Why would anyone hire me?”

Before Getting Started

Before you dive into creating a winning portfolio, ask yourself these questions: (some or all may apply)

  • Is the sample similar to the type of event planning job you’re applying for?
  • Did you overcome significant creative or budgetary constraints or meet tight deadlines when working on the event?
  • Was the event award winning or mentioned in the press?
  • Did you receive positive feedback from your client?
  • Talk about how your event contributed to your client’s bottom line. Did it increase brand awareness or customer engagement, or save money?
  • What was your strategy behind the event and how did you contribute to the problem-solving process?
  • Do you have the client’s permission to include the event in your event planning portfolio?

In today’s episode of EventPlanning BlueprintTV, learn 3 items to include in your event portfolio that will set you apart – no matter how much experience you have, so watch now…

Adding Your Own Photos

Don’t use stock images to sell your services. You’re selling YOUR event planning talents so you need to show them to prospective clients. If you’re just getting started and building your event planning portfolio and client list, plan events for friends and family and hire a photographer to take good quality pictures for you.

What to include in your event planning portfolio:

  • Client testimonials
  • Before and after photos of events you’ve planned
  • Press clippings, if available
  • Articles about the benefits of event planning
  • Your personal profile and your photo

Present your event planning talents with confidence. It will make the difference between having a hobby and having a real career as an event planner!

We’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below, let us know what you include in your event planning portfolio.

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  1. Elizabeth sampson at11:55 pm

    I love this! Awesome advice. I have done a few things for friends. I never really thought about doing it until my friend really saw what I could do with her bridal shower. Her and her husband were thrilled to see what I did to her aunts house. I have been researching portfolio stuff. Just how to start and see where it take me. This helped me a lot. Thank you!!

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at12:30 pm

      So glad it helped you Elizabeth, please let us know if you need anything.

  2. Shanaye at2:00 pm

    I’m wanting to put together a portfolio & know everything I need to include, although I’m not too sure on how to present it? paper based or online? How do you think is best to show off past events I have planned?

    Thanks Melanie!

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at2:52 pm

      Hi Shanye, we think digital portfolios are best because they tend to look better, are easier to update and change and you can easily add different dimensions and elements in digital form. Plus, if you have an iPad they’re a lot easier to cart around!

  3. Maya John at6:42 pm

    I am currently doing the events management course and i have to hand up a portfolio on the very same day i am executing an event in class. how do i go about this

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at7:01 pm

      Maya, we’d get it done ahead of time and hand it in a day early 🙂


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