If you’re interested in event planning as a profession, you’ve probably started thinking about what steps you’ll need to take to become an event planner.

Maybe you’ve had a few thoughts around what it would take for you to make the leap into the planning industry; or perhaps you’re wondering if you have the right kind of talents and skills to do the work.

If You’re Like Me…

Or, if you’re anything like me – you know event planning is your passion, and you are ready to make it your profession.

Regardless of your reasons for contemplating this potential new adventure, I think you’ll appreciate why I chose to go to event planning school online with Event Planning Blueprint.

I tend to think and overthink most things, but this was a simple decision for me to make. Long story short: I’m taking an event course because I’m passionate about becoming an expert and professional event planner and I need guidance to get there.

As far as I’m concerned, taking an online event planning class was a no-brainer.

I knew right away that I wanted to take classes.

If I’m being honest, I was more certain about taking an event planning course than I was about starting my own company. That may seem a little strange to some, but for me, learning has to be a large part of my process. I’ve always believed in the value of a great education.

Learning new things creates endless possibilities for anyone interested in developing new skills, and improving upon what is already known.

Starting a New Career

On the subject of starting a brand new career, I realize what a big deal this is.

Deciding to pursue your passion as a career is a BIG decision for many people. It can be a major undertaking, and it comes with its share of risks.

Given how complex all this can be, I felt that the main perk in doing event planning school online is in how it fits perfectly with the plan I’ve created for starting my business. It lines up with my end goals to become a successful event planning professional and entrepreneur.

To me, it’s one thing to start a new career as an event planner; but it’s an even better thing to CONFIDENTLY start that new career as a knowledgeable, prepared event planner.

So I started my new career journey with research; specifically, research on the availability of event planning classes. I knew I needed to find something that would accommodate my lifestyle, because my day to day schedule is already super-hectic.

Currently, I’m working two jobs, raising two teenagers, volunteering in my community and most recently – blog writing! To say my time is very limited is an understatement.

Managing It All

In case you’re wondering how I manage it all (OR how I’m still standing upright and managing it all), the answer is simple:  I don’t. Not perfectly anyway. But I manage to make it work by making the most of the time that I have.

My life needs the kind of schedule that is flexible, and has *just enough* wiggle room to handle all the random ‘monkey wrenches’ that inevitably show up. I like the idea of more consistency in my schedule, but that tends to go out the door when life, and work, and kids happen.

With all of the running around I do, I knew that my best option would be some kind of learning program I could do online. I felt that the perfect scenario would present itself as an event planning school online, where I could take courses at my own pace.

Event Planning School Online

I found a lot of interesting information online. Many of the programs seemed interesting, and I was glad to know there were so many options available. There were about three or four different programs I found interesting, but I wasn’t ready to make a choice just yet.

Then I found an online course called “How to Be an Event Planner”, and was impressed with the amount of information shared. And after roaming the site for more articles, and checking out the descriptions of the coursework within their event planning school online, I added Event Planning Blueprint to my ‘interested’ list.

When it came time to compare my options, I looked for the one that would be comprehensive enough to get the skills I needed to become an event planner.

But since my very busy life, and these big plans for a brand new career were already a lot to juggle I had to make sure the final choice made it easy and as convenient as possible for me to live my life and work on my dream.

In the end, I chose to start my learning journey and my online planning classes at Event Planning Blueprint.

And so far, so very very good!  I’m on my way to being a spectacular event planner, and I’m doing it at a pace that works best for me. It’s more than enough to keep me motivated about my dream!

In the comments, let us know why you did (or didn’t) choose an online course to learn how to be an event planner.

~Karm F. is a student in How to Be an Event Planner


  1. alicia at2:44 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this. I had no idea that they offered an event planning school online which could be super helpful in my future endeavors.


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