What’s your ideal level of event planning business success?

It’s great to have a vision for where you want to go, since it will certainly help you get there, but this can be risky too.

When you only focus on future event planning business success, you may end up feeling like a failure despite your achievements. Sometimes it never feels like enough, which can make us miserable because there’s always more we can do.

If you’ve been an event planner for awhile, you’ve probably had many successes in your business, but you could still be beating yourself up for not achieving more.

You still have too many event planner “to do” items on your event planning checklist and you feel like you haven’t lived up to that ideal level of success.

I’ve fallen into this “space” many times throughout my business life and use a gratitude journal to appreciate what I HAVE done in my event planning business vs. what I haven’t done –yet.

But, if you compare where you are now to where you were yesterday, last month or even last year, you will soon realize that you have made progress! This assumes, of course, that you recognize when you’re in that bad “space”, you are productive, and you stop procrastinating and take action.

One of my suggestions for getting out of this “space” faster and earlier, is to write down 3-5 “wins” each day- sometimes they’ll be big and sometimes as small as walking out the door!

Get started and you’ll soon see that your “wins” will be more fun and easier each day.

For me, a big “win” is hosting a segment of EventPlanning BlueprintTV, coaching my small group of event planners – both new and established, and writing blog posts for you.

Next week, I’ve got a paid event management job booked with a client I’ve worked with for years.

What qualifies as a win will change depending on where you are and what is going on in your life, and a win can be personal and professional.

Maybe you chose the business name of your new event planning business, so you can now move forward with purchasing business cards. This act may seem “small” if you’re comparing event planning business success to making $75,000 a year as an event planner, but we all start at the beginning. You need a business name and a professional image to get going and create your event planning business success!

3 Event Planning Business Wins Today

Here’s my challenge to you, find three wins today and for the next 30 days and write them down. Throughout the next 30 days, when you find yourself saying, “I didn’t get anything done or I haven’t worked on my event planning business, etc” you’ll be able to pull out your list and look at the (90!) amazing things you did do!

It will be clear how far you’ve started working on your event planning dreams.

I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below, share your 3 wins from today and we can all help each other find inspiration in our achievements.

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