When planning an event, one of the first major decisions to make is the venue. Know what you want and what to look for so that whatever location you ultimately select is the best venue for your event. Naturally, a number of factors come into play here, most notably the date and the cost. So before visiting any hotels or other locations, sit down and decide a few key components about your event.

Have you considered how easy the venue is to access:

  1. storage
  2. local resources
  3. technology needs
  4. additional amenities (that may or may not be included in the package price).
For example, if one location includes all the tables and chairs as well as the set-up and clean-up of the event that may be a better value than having to pay for all of those services separately at another event venue.

Taking Your Search Online and Using That Old Fashioned Tool Called…The Telephone

With so many places to hold your event, simplify your search by jumping online. As you begin to narrow your event venue search, have your list of venue needs in front of you so you can stay focused. Don’t forget that your Internet search is just a preview – you do not have to settle on anything at this stage.

Get your telephone out!

Once you’ve narrowed your list to 5 or 6 possible venues, call the event coordinator at each venue and set up an appointment to see their site, discuss availability and how to secure the venue for your event.

Tip: Finding the right venue can be cumbersome, so if you begin to get frustrated and are not finding what you’re looking for, take a break. Too many times people make the mistake of choosing a venue too quickly only to realize they made a mistake later on.

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