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What Is THE Secret To Getting People To Your Event? Event Marketing!

Which type of event would you rather be in charge of planning – one that’s got a well-executed event marketing strategy behind it or an event that you sit back and hope people will show up to on the big night?

Event marketing is a key component of any successful event. Charity balls, guest speakers, fundraising dinners, even events within events such as the mini events you see at a trade show – all rely on event marketing to draw a crowd. Without event marketing, your event won’t come anywhere near generating the results the client is expecting to see.

What is event marketing?

Think of this segment of the marketing and advertising industry as an extension of event planning. With it, you’re getting the publicity you need to bring people to your event. Without it, you’re counting on people to just know your event is taking place on a certain date and at a certain time.

My guest today is exceptional: I recently spoke with event marketer Jim Alkon. He has more than 30 years experience in event marketing!

What I love about Jim is that he’s not only developed and executed event marketing strategies for companies, he’s adapted his strategy to changing times. For example, now he includes digital and social media platforms to market events, something that was unheard of just a few years ago.

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