In this webinar, Michelle gives you some insights into obstacles to overcome when starting your event planning career. Thank you so much to Michelle from Wild Orange Events for sharing her experience and her struggles.

Is An Event Planning Career Right For You?

Episode Topics

1:38 How To Manage Your Time When Starting Your Event Planning Career

3:42 How To Maximize Your Time (Whether or not you have a family)

8:52 Why transition From Full Time Employee To Working For Yourself?

11:29 The Hardest Part About Starting An Event Planning Career

16:16 Biggest Obstacles To Overcome 20:20 Best Event Planning Resources

25:37 Best Way To Determine Your Event Planning Rates


  1. S. Jacks at11:54 am

    Excellent video!. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at1:01 pm

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.


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