Discover Event Planning Trends for 2013

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of 2012?

It’s time to start thinking about what’s new and what’s not for 2013…

The most obvious (and important) trend to look for is color. This past year Pantone predicted lots of tangerine, and it was seen on runways, at weddings, and splashed around other events. For 2013, Pantone’s color predictions can be seen here:

For your events in 2013, use classic shades of blue and ranges of tan to deep browns, which can be used separately or together. Add in some fashionable (and trendy) feathers and you’ve got yourself a party!

Insider Tip

Feathers don’t have to be white. There are many variations that can be used including Peacock feathers which incorporate browns and blues.

Get buzzed with a coffee bar at your next event. The smell of coffee is one of the most inviting sensory details you can provide. Add in a smiling barista, high-quality beans and chocolate sprinkles, and it’s sure to be a hit at your next wedding, conference or party.

Shaken, not stirred: Instead of having a wine tasting why not try a vodka tasting party. Tasting parties are all the rage right now! Dim the lights or have colored bulbs, add shakers, chocolate shavings, olives, lemon rind and great Bond-style music. Oh, and don’t forget the vodka!

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