Consistency is key to achieving success in the event planning industry.

But, modern event trends show high demand for fresh, “out of the ballroom” experiences.

Clients are no longer satisfied with run-of-the-mill, standard event experiences and clients’ venue expectations are at an all-time high point.

Creating a unique experience, time after time for each and every client can be challenging. Venue selection is often the first and is always one of the most important factors in working with clients.

Leading with unique venue options is now not only essential but is expected to wow clients and gain their business. A good strategy for refreshing your creative flow when your well runs dry is to rely on unique, non-traditional event spaces.

Unique Venues

Here are 6 unique venue strategies for refreshing your creative flow:

1. Blank Slate Beginnings

For good reason, converted, updated, raw, industrial warehouse spaces are a gaining momentum in event venue markets. Starting with this sort of skeletal type of space that is of the right size and has the right dimensions for your event, but does not have an overwhelming design presence will serve to spark innovative ideas.

Design options and planning potential are wide open, and you are less inhibited. Like the Zen master in meditation, beginning with a clean, uncluttered space produces a clear mind, which in turn encourages fresh ideas.

2. Curated Homes

A lot of collaborative professional design effort goes into curating a home. Many high-end homes in high-demand markets are often used by the owners during only part of the year. Resourceful owners have opened their homes to short-term rental markets for times when they are not in use.

Smart event planners are turning toward these options as they are unique, stylish, and provide a springboard for further ideas. Since these options are living spaces, they often encourage a feeling of intimacy and comfort, which will lead to more enjoyable event experiences for your guests.

3. Multipurpose Spaces

One of the most recent and exciting trends venue providers are successfully embracing is creative flexible space. For example, there are options that function as co-working and meeting spaces during standard business hours and then transition into event venues during the evening and late-night hours.

The beauty here is practicality.

These flex spaces often include tech equipment like projectors, screens, computers, and other A/V equipment. If the event you are planning is a company or corporate gathering, it is efficient and budget-friendly to begin with a space where necessary tools are already in place. Your resources are freed up to spend more time and effort focusing on themes, details, and your clients’ experience.

4. Think Outside the Ballroom

Emerging technology and shared space platforms have created markets and avenues for space options that are outside the spectrum of what event planners traditionally take into consideration when choosing a venue. Standard event spaces sometimes unintentionally lead to situations where guests at each table or section talk with mostly themselves or the other guests seated nearby.

Selecting a gallery space, open rooftop, or converted metropolitan apartment will provide an atmosphere that encourages broad socialization, mingling, and discussion. These options are perfect for a networking event, gathering of associates, corporate mixer, or informal meetup.

5. Pre-Curation Collaboration

Non-traditional venue space providers are usually very experienced, passionate, accommodating, and knowledgeable. Since they have often entered the rental market through non-traditional channels, they tend to be highly creative people.

Often, they are or have connections with professional artists and design professionals. They tend to love collaborating with event planners to craft one-of-a-kind experiences for their guests, and they know what has already been done and what is cutting-edge.

They have the same stake in the game as you do; the execution of a highly unique event experience is essential for gaining and maintaining a great reputation for a non-traditional venue provider. Your success and their success are bundled together.

6. Hack Your Way to Creativity

Emerging tech-based platforms provide an effortless and enjoyable experience in scanning from option to option in the chosen geographical area.

When you are drawing a blank on general event ideas or necessary elements or features of an event you are planning, browsing possibilities will provide you with new and interesting ideas. Perhaps the sectional floorplan of the fun co-working space you came across is perfect for introducing immersive elements of a new company’s tech in the launch party you envision for them.

Perhaps the natural light created by those huge bay windows in that remodeled Pre-War building or the stained glass in that converted Church are the images you needed to inspire you in the right direction.

You will also filter out the elements, styles, and themes that do not fit the vision you are creating, get a glimpse of emerging trends, and what has already been done. It is a bit of an event planning hack.

In the comments below, let us know…

How have non-traditional event venues inspired you to create fresh, unique, and successful experiences for your clients?

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Guest Post by Jai Singh of peerspace


  1. Matt at4:26 pm

    I feel multi-purpose spaces can be very bland. Working in exhibition stand design, it is this type of space that requires a design for a stand that really stands out from the crowd. I much prefer something different and unique

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at5:48 pm

      thanks Matt!

  2. Aidan Maxwell at7:23 am

    I love your post-Jai Sing, it’s pretty good! Nowadays wedding venues are more important than the wedding itself and the venues really need to be a unique one.

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at2:14 pm

      thanks Aiden!


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