Do you get  frustrated with the amount of information online?

Are you often searching for the best event planning blogs available?

In event planning, what used to be as simple as designing an invitation, laying out white table cloths and setting up food stations, has now turned into a world where anything goes! With the amount of information online it makes even the most seasoned event planner want to pull her (or his!) hair out.

To help you, here’s a list of the top 15 blogs in the event industry.

Top 15 Event Planning Blogs

In no particular order…

Event Planning Blueprint – Of course we’re going to mention our own event planning blog. 😉 Featuring free video trainings and covering a wide range of event related topics, and online event planning courses to help you.

Endless Events – For event and meeting planners, Endless Events is a fantastic source for the best tips and trends in event production. The Endless blog has become one of my favorites because I love their intense focus on customer service and making the event planning & event production process as smooth as possible.

Event Manager Blog – The leader in event technology trends, this is a great resource for seasoned event planners. There are resources for wedding planning, event management and party planning, but this blog specializes in innovation and is widely referenced by other event planners.

QC Events – Offering expertise in event and wedding planning and covering a range of topics, QC Events’ blog Pointers For Planners, covers topics like “4 Bridal Clients Every Wedding Planner Will Meet”, “How To Boost Your Income With Event Planning Training” and “4 Skills You Need To Become An Event Planner”.

EventJuice – Love the name of this event planning blog! Based in the UK, eventjuice is a catch-all for event planners. They cover everything from How to Launch a World-Class Book Launch to Getting a Virtual Assistant to 8-Steps To Plan A Wedding. They have great content!

Thoughtfully Simple – At first glance I was confused and thought this was a recipe blog, but soon realized this is one of the best go-to blogs for any hostess or entertainer looking to spice up their party. But only if you’re a DIYer (Do It Yourself); if you’re a professional event planner with a budget and can hire caterers, etc then skip this blog altogether. Tori gives some creative (and simple!) ideas for baby showers, birthday and holiday parties, and even bridal showers and weddings.

Techsy Talk – Yes, finally an event planning blog that offers something different! This blog focuses on social media and tech savvy event planning. It details different social media options for event planners and corporate event planning, as well as new apps and technologies that are available. Even if you’re not tech savvy it’s important to stay on top of the trends.

Smart Meetings – A great corporate event planning resource, they even offer a Venue Finder location tool to help find the right venue for your event. This event planning blog offers new and exciting information, and showcases the latest venues and ideas (including photos). This is a must-bookmark for any corporate event planner.

Pathable – Specifically targeting corporate event planners, this blog has great content. A good read and educational, and a must read for corporate planners.

Wedding Planning Blogs

One Fab Day – Bookmark this one because One Fab Day provides thousands of articles, reviews, and checklists, plus very practical advise (like how to pee in your wedding dress!). This is a UK based publication but brides around the world will benefit from many of their DIY suggestions.    

Planning Forever Events – Weddings, weddings, weddings…even though they plan corporate events too this blog is all about weddings (check out their gorgeous pictures)! Planning Forever Events is a good resource for brides, and as an event planner you may be able to borrow a few tips for your clients.

Style Me Pretty – Focusing more on the bride than the event planner, this blog is full of useful DIY information and events and some gorgeous photos. We added this event planning blog to the list because of the DIY information. If you’re getting your event planning business started and want creative ideas, then visit this blog.

The Knot – A wedding industry leader, The Knot is your personal wedding planner and provides great ideas and advice for wedding planners and brides-to-be. On this blog you’ll find gems like “5 Wedding DIY Projects You Could Do In A Day”, Here’s What Your Bridesmaids Should Pay For” and they build websites with customized design templates, a guest list manager and an all-in-one wedding registry.

Weditorial – Written by CSEP (Certified Special Event Planner) Elisa Delgardio of A Flair For Affairs, this blog is unique and often features themed events like an Edgar Allan Poe dinner party! I love her creativity and the style she brings to her events. This event planning blog ranges from the creative to the practical with titles like, “Insurance for Weddings and Events” and “Henna Inspired Details Add An Artistic Flair To Wedding Cakes”.

Brilliant Event Planning – This wedding blog showcases proposals too. As a romantic at heart, I loved sifting through the New York City proposal stories on this event planning blog. Although there isn’t a wealth of technical event planning advice, this is a great read for the ‘feel good’ stories. With some very cute ideas, I’d even suggest it to your friends or relatives who are planning to propose!

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  5. Simmi at4:58 am

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    My biggest challenge when hosting a party (which I do often) is receiving replies from guests. It is frustrating that guests view the invitation but do not respond.
    I recently used an app called Phildora to send out party invitations and I can send it directly to my friends’ phone contacts.
    They have such amazing gif invitations and I must say that more than 70% of my guests RSVPed for my party.
    I hope this rate continues to go up:)

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