Color defines a lot of things in an event; besides the theme, it sets the mood, look and energy. Event planning decor and color trends evolve all the time. Some come and go, but others linger on for years.

Recently we saw Monaco blue, Emerald green and Tangerine taking over the event planning decor tips and trends. So what’s hot this year?

Event Planning Decor

Trending Colors 

Dazzling Blue

You can’t ignore Pantone’s chosen color trend and this year it’s Dazzling Blue. The best way to bring out the elegance in this color is by using it against neutral-colored décor. For a more dramatic look; try combining it with red, yellow, acid green or even a touch of metallic blue-green-turquoise.

For lighting, try hot pink or blue. Use glass or acrylic ornaments like beaded swirl chandeliers. Think of complementary colors like sea green, nautical blue, aqua blue, French blue, and lilac when choosing centerpieces.

How about using wine glass vases and candleholders with a hint of blue?

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Rustic Chic

Who would have thought rustic chic would be one of the hottest event planning decor tips and trends for 2014?

Personally, this is one of my favorite color schemes because it blends natural fibers and textures (think country) with modern elements. For example, while this isn’t an event photo, it will give you a perfect example of what the rustic chic is all about as it actually combines many of its components.  In my living room I’ve combined modern furniture with wood palettes, flowers, burlap, rocks and plants.

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Use accent pieces like seashells, pearls, crystals, dried pods and pinecones with patina finish. Also, think metals like brass, wrought iron, and copper for your candleholders. How about wooden crates and flowers with earth colors like moss green, chocolate brown, and masculine mineral blue for your center pieces?

Add texture with either tweed; burlap; leather; double-colored satin with a hint of brown, blue or turquoise; or flannel for a natural look.

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Neon Colors

Bright red, tangerine, fuchsia, hot pink, bright green and sunshine yellow are colors of energy! Oh my!

Besides lighting, you can use them for your cocktail glasses’ sugar coat. Glowing water and wine glass vases filled with neon beads or gems are a good complement to centerpieces. For the flowers use either glass or vintage china vases, or mason jars. For the bouquets use either a single strong color with varied shades, or adopt elevated flower arrangements to add more color to the event. The neon colors will be even more accentuated when used against a white background.

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All these colors are suitable for any type of event. More importantly, most are found in flowers like ranunculus, tulips, peonies, dahlias, orchids, lilies and roses, which are a favorite for weddings and corporate events.

Fabrics can be used to add texture, as well as a background for these colors.

Now, we’d like to hear from you in the comments below…

I’d like to hear from you, what are you favorite colors and what tips do you have for creating memorable event planning decor? Please share your comments below…


  1. Jose at8:36 am

    This is a great post and I will be sure to follow your posts because this is the kind of thing I need when it comes to ideas. I love the blues and the rustic but I can do without the neon colors in anything adult this might work great for a youth party or something like that but I just don’t think it is a good fit for adults who aren’t denying their age.

  2. Thomas at8:18 am

    I think that it is more important than most people might think to be current with the style trends of all types. This includes fashion and decorating trends as well as popular colors of the season. So it is important to know how to coordinate colors and just as important, how to match color schemes with the theme of the event you are planning. Choosing the right colors and trendy details can have a subliminal effect that can work well for your business.

  3. Allen at8:19 am

    I have always loved Pantone’s for all kinds of projects. Pantone’s ad a bit of mystery to photographs and images that are in pantone shades tend to attract the eye. I like to use pantone colors when I edit a photo or I design a graphic or a layout or some banner ad. So if you are planning an event that requires designing signs or a message, it is a good idea to use a photo with an eye – catching pantone color.

  4. Horace at8:38 am

    I love your post it is very inspiring and I was looking for the next hottest thing going for a party I’m throwing this year now I have a starting point. I do find it very difficult to work with colors that I really don’t like because I don’t find anything I like to go with such horrible colors but this is going to help me get past that thank you.

  5. Fonda at6:50 am

    The ideas you choose for your event theme has a lot to do with the kinds of people that will be attending the event. Take into consideration who it is you want to invite to your party. Not everyone wants to dance, not everyone wants to listen to the music, some people want to talk and relax. Accommodate for different interests and levels of social comfort with space planning if it is possible, and if applicable, different age groups.

  6. Roberto at11:42 am

    Anyone who has avidly read through design publications of any sort (interior design, graphic design, fashion, pop culture) would know that rustic styles were growing as a trend and I suppose now in 2014, this trend has reached its apex. I understand how to apply this towards designs for a home or office, I just don’t know how you would apply this to a theme. Maybe it is just a theme for decorating your event.

  7. Jose at8:58 am

    That twenty five dollar gift certificate for Starbucks is a nice prize, especially for those of us who enjoy an overpriced latte. But that contest prize brings up a good point (or idea) for event planning details. Having a raffle or drawing during an event is a good detail to implement into your event, especially if you can tie it into the theme of your event. It also ads interest and anticipation to the event and if you hold it at the end of the event, it will keep the attendance up till the end – if the prize is right.


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