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The #1 Strategy To Kickstart Your Career in Event Planning (video)

What do you need to start your career in event planning? Clients, of course!

It can be a challenge for event planners just getting started in the business to find those opportunities, though. It’s not that these opportunities don’t exist. It’s just that you can easily feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting yourself out there to make the introductions.

#1 Strategy to Start a Career in Event Planning

When I first launched my event planning business almost a decade ago, I purposely didn’t carry business cards. This was a great way for me to talk about my company to potential clients instead of simply handing them a card they may stuff in a drawer.

My strategy was for these people to get to know me and my company, even in a few short minutes. They put a face, a personality with my name and my company. This made me more than a name on a business card when I was having to work hard to prove myself as a business owner.

I recently talked about networking with Alex Durant of Durant Consulting. As someone who’s been chosen to work with Food Network’s Wine and Food Festival in both South Beach and New York, she knows a thing or two about making those connections and working them to her advantage!

Watch the conversation below and then share your networking strategy in the comments.

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