Technology has the ability to advance and change the face of your event. Do you use any of these for planning events?

Technology Trends in Event Planning

1. Google spreadsheets: tracks your event details in a visible document that is usable by dispersed event planning teams – including your suppliers. We’re currently using this system to plan and organize TedxToronto (an independent event).

2. Tradeshow Log: use your mobile phone to provide tradeshow and event applications for attendees including: the event agenda, product directories, event feedback and surveys, polling, announcements, networking, travel information and more.

3. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): – using the internet to make phone calls around the world at little or no cost. Soon, you will be able to send and receive VoIP calls on your mobile phone and your notebook computer and it’ll have the capabilities to serve as your office phone while on the road.

4. Flat-panel screen TVs: Use flat screens for your electronic signage and eliminate “sign-clutter”, use at kiosks as a virtual concierge, check into your hotel or flight, make restaurant reservations, or buy museum/attractions tickets. With the use of large, flat-screen TVs, at the TedxToronto event on October 26th, we’re installing a live Twitter board so conference delegates can see who’s tweeting about the event!

These technology developments are a few options that will help you work more efficiently.

What technology do you use for your events?

Use the comment box below and let us know.

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