How do event planners merge their likes and passions to sell their event services and get the clients they’re looking for?

Last week I had a strategy call with Norma, an exceptional florist who wants to turn her knack for attention to detail into an event planning business. Norma’s floral arrangements are beautiful, but she’s struggling to market herself and is afraid to approach potential clients to promote her event services.

As Norma and I spoke, it occurred to me that every floral arrangement that Norma creates has a story!

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Story telling is a key marketing tool when it comes to event planners selling their services and the more stories you can tell, the easier it’ll be to get clients. Stories allow us to connect and experience similarities between others and ourselves.

Storytelling To Sell Your Event Services

In Norma’s case, she’s using her Facebook page to promote her event planning (and floral arranging) talents. She’s got great client reviews and is able to share up-to-date photos of her events and the floral arrangements she’s created.

With each photo she posts she’s telling the story behind the photo so her potential clients can picture themselves at the event she is planning and get a better sense of who Norma is and why they should hire her.

Norma is able to use the photos and stories of her floral arrangements to bridge the gap between what she knows (attention to detail, how to create beautiful arrangements, time management and client satisfaction) with her aspirations of merging her current services with her event services.

If you’re looking for ideas and a little inspiration to tell your story, market your event services or find your ‘why’ (or purpose), TED Talks are a great place to turn to.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) Talks have been spreading knowledge and featuring thought leaders like Tony Robbins, Bono (from U2) and Bill Clinton since 1984.

From witty humor and inspiring stories, we all have something to learn from the smartest minds in the world.

(Warning – adult language used in some of the videos. :-))

In this first Ted Talk, Andrew Stanton shares ‘The Clues To a Great Story.’ You’ll notice that creating a great story is similar to creating an event workback schedule – you start at the end and work back to the beginning.

In this Ted Talk, Dan Cobley brings branding and marketing concepts together to show how event planners can pursuade and anticipate what your clients will do and why.

This Ted Talk features Simon Sinek, known for his best selling book ‘Start With Why.’ Simon challenges us to question why some people are great when others struggle, why we do the things we do, and how to inspire action.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments, let me know which Ted Talk (all event planners must watch) you liked most and why.

I look forward to hearing from you, but remember – links to any outside posts or videos are deleted because they appear as SPAM. 🙂

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