For those serious about a career in event planning, you should understand how to approach possible employers.

Get Hired As An Event Planner

These 5 categories will help you apply for an interview with the right organization and get the job that’s best suited to you and your strengths.

1. Corporate Event Jobs

Opportunities in corporations exist in all industries, but jobs tend to be more specialized and businesses often hire event planners to manage event finances and/or logistics for their events. Check with your local event marketing agencies for industry specific corporate event planning jobs in: law firms, large medical practices/hospitals, consulting, technology, insurance, and the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Association & Non-Profit Event Jobs

Associations and non-profit organizations hire event planners to oversee financial management or logistics too. You can het hired as an event planner in association management firms, charitable organizations, your local Chambers of Commerce or Convention & Visitors Bureau, and even religious organizations.

3. Government Jobs & Public Institutions

Government agencies and public institutions also employ event planners. Event planning opportunities can be found with the city or town where you live, Province/State, and federal agencies. And, don’t forget to check for event planning jobs at colleges and universities, too.

4. Supplier Jobs

Suppliers are the businesses that sell products and services to the event planners and organizations they represent. For example, event planning jobs exist with caterers, florists, set design/production companies, hotels, destination management companies (DMC), and theatres. Jobs with event planning suppliers are an excellent way to get behind-the-scene experience.

5. Event Planning Firm Jobs

Event management firms are businesses that are hired to plan and manage corporations, associations, non-profits or government agency events for clients.

Experienced professionals often establish their own event management firm at some point in their career.

Insider Tip: Check your local MPI (Meeting Professionals International) for current event planning job postings in your area.

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