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How They Started a Career in Event and Wedding Planning

Michelle has been considering a career in event and wedding planning. It’s a question she’s been struggling with for over a year.

She’s talked to her friend, Susan, about how she started a career in event and wedding planning, but Michelle feels she lacks experience and isn’t sure she can make up for it with her passion and motivation. She’s faced with the difficult decision to stay in a job that she doesn’t like or change careers and industries altogether.

Starting a career in event and wedding planning may sound like a dream, and for some, like Michelle, it is.
So how do you know if it’s the right career for you or if you have what it takes to excel in this competitive industry?

Is a Career in Event and Wedding Planning Right For You?

Start by doing a self-asssessment of your core values, how you like to work (9-5pm vs. evenings and weekends, for example), your abilities, and your skills (like interpersonal and communication skills).

In addition to interpersonal and communication skills, here are 3 must-have skills needed to be successful as an event and wedding planner:

  1. Business Knowledge – having the ability to know and understand business jargon is the difference between running small, local events or running large, high budget events. To work on your business acumen, register for business classes at your local college and put yourself in situations where you have to make quick and effective decisions.
  2. Project Management – the best way for a new event planner to learn is to find an event mentor and get involved in industry associations.
  3. Emotional Intelligence – as an event and wedding planner, it’s critical that you know how to manage your own emotions so you can adjust to change, work better in teams and are more flexible.

Learn The Skills To Become An Event Planner Let's Do It!

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