Stop Struggling and Wondering...

"What do I post on social media today?"

Start sharing content that gets you noticed

Are your social media channels still quiet after months of posting?

You see other event planners and influencers with thousands of followers and wonder how they do it. The only people following you are your friends and a few supportive family members.

And it's frustrating because you get a tip here and a tip there, but you never really get the full picture so you don't make any real progress when it comes to social media followers.

Even though you spend hours creating the perfect posts, unfortunately your perfect clients don't even know you exist. It's disheartening to try provide so much value just to come up empty handed!

How are others hitting thousands of followers, getting their events and their event business noticed.

Here's The Truth: To Get Your Perfect Client To Notice You, You Must Post The Right Kind Of Content If You Want To Reach People On Social Media

If people aren't seeing you on social media and no eyes are on your posts = no business.

It could be due to too much information.

Or a lack of marketing know-how and experience.

Or you don't have time to try a gazillion strategies to find what works.

Maybe you don't know what to focus on for the fastest growth.

But, I want you to know's not your fault!

In fact, getting to your first 1,000 followers is one of the hardest parts about growing your social channels and event business.

Tons of event planners have problems getting people to engage with their posts - no matter how many times they post.

It’s actually a pretty common problem. In fact, I was one of them! Here's my story...

Hi, I'm Melanie.

A quick intro :)

I started my event business in 2004 and focused on corporate events and large national festivals with over 30,000 attendees.

Event Planning Blueprint was born 7 years ago so my team and I could help other event planners achieve their event and business goals too.

There's nothing we love more than bringing event planners and the event industry into this digital world we live in. Over the years, we've dedicated our own time and education to learning the best strategies from the best teachers. That's what we bring to you at

When I started to focus seriously on my services, I needed to get my events and my business noticed.

I had nobody but my mom, my sister and a few other people following me.

I knew event planning was a very competitive niche, but I was determined to follow my passion and build a successful business doing what I was passionate about.

However, I faced a couple of problems:

  •  Nobody knew I existed
  •  I needed clients who'd book me
  •  I lacked confidence and feared that I was wasting my efforts
  •  I was extremely busy and did not have time
  •  I felt overwhelmed and confused over all the things I had to do

I dedicated my time to learning the best organic social media strategies because I wanted to help our followers thrive.

Every month for the last two years, I have been creating engaging organic posts. And I’m not talking paid ads or the “I got lucky” posts where you get a little traction and then nothing else happens. These posts didn't cost a penny and drive people to my site and my services = sales!

Snapshots from last month. These are not from paid ads, but organic posts!

I'll show you how to get results like this too without having to pay for ads!

So, if you want to be visible on social media...

But have no idea what to say or post...

Wouldn’t it be nice to have 90-days of posts all-in-one calendar?

So you can discover how to…

  • Create brand awareness and visibility
  • Engage and build rapport with your perfect clients
  • Have more quality time with your family instead of feeling like you have to spend hours and hours creating content
  • Easily start to implement it today!

Imagine a world where you’re getting engagement from the right kind of people, people who are interested in your event services. Imagine feeling confident in what you post!

Here's how I can help...

Introducing The Social Media Toolkit: a 90-day social media content calendar that shows you exactly what to post each and every day for 3 months!

Growing an audience that's engaged with your content and your event services doesn't have to be difficult. You can do it too!

I've been there too, and it looks something like this...

It’s 7:45pm on a Wednesday evening when you suddenly realize you’ve been so busy connecting with clients and mapping out a new marketing strategy that you forgot to schedule your social media posts -- AGAIN!

So you rush to your laptop, scramble to come up with something to post and… you got nothing. Zero. Nada.

Your brain is blank and you can’t even come up with a single post.

Deep breath.

There’s a much easier way to manage your social media content and it doesn’t involve spending hours on end glued to the computer churning out content that doesn't work.


Usually $97 - Get it at 72% off and get same-day access!

FACT:  64% of business owners are spending 6 hours per week

creating social media content, and 37% spend 11 hours or more.

Having this done-for-you 90-day social media content calendar frees up your time and generates more engagement with your perfect clients...

You already know that creating content consistently is one of the most powerful ways to attract attention to your events and your event business. 

With the 90-day social media content calendar:

  • Cut your content creation in half by using this 90-day calendar that's gives 4-5 topic suggestions PER day
  • Create highly-engaging content that attracts your perfect clients 
  • Cut hours of needless brainstorming and access a 90-day supply of new content ideas - that can be used all year long
  • Build a solid content foundation so you're not winging it and getting nowhere
  • Leave the 'content creation overwhelm' behind by creating scheduled content that keeps your feed fresh and engaging  

And yes, all of these outcomes are totally within reach for you and your event business, whether you’re a total newbie starting from scratch or a well-established business owner looking to level up. 

…But achieving these results is only possible when you re-frame the way you think about content and dare to follow a step-by-step method.

One that leverages the most up-to-date social media strategies and helps you ditch shiny objects that constantly sabotage your focus.

The same method that has been my secret weapon to creating, planning and posting new, attention-worthy posts each week.

The same method you’ll credit a few weeks from now when you realize you’ve got 90-days of posts covered and you’ve gained back 10+ hours of your time each week to enjoy the fun stuff in your business.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to
my 90-day social media content calendar: The Social Media Toolkit…

The Social Media Toolkit is an already done-for-you 90-day calendar that shows you exactly what to post each day for 3 months, and exactly how to structure your content calendar so you're leveraging your content and increasing your engagement and traffic to your social channels and business.

This calendar actually saves you loads of time!

Get Same-Day Access To The Social Media Toolkit Now!

For only $27!


Usually $97 - Get it at 72% off and get same-day access!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


If for whatever reason, The Social Media Toolkit wasn’t the best money you've spent, request a refund within the first 30 days showing us your results from at least one week of posts and get your investment back.


Do I get access to a content calendar template?

Absolutely! You'll get same-day access to the PDF calendar so you can start creating and scheduling your posts right away.

Is this an on-going membership or a one-time fee?

This toolkit is a one time fee, not an on-going membership. The Social Media Toolkit is a single PDF around a single topic; creating social media content that grows and engages your audience. The 90-day calendar is completely laid out for you so you know exactly what to post. There's no guessing!

How is the training delivered and how long can I access it?

You’ll get same-day access to the PDF via email.

Access to the file is sent to the email address you provide.

If for whatever reason you don’t receive your welcome email please contact us at info(at)eventplanningblueprint(dot)com or use the chat on this page to reach out to our client support team.

Is there a refund policy?

Yep… like anything in life and business, this calendar won't work if you don't use it. You have a 30-day guarantee where you can request a refund when you show us at least 7 days of posts on one of your social media channels. To request a refund, simply email us at info(at)eventplanningblueprint(dot)com

Get Same-Day Access To The Social Media Toolkit Now!

For only $27!

Usually $97 - Get it at 72% off and get same-day access!