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Position and Sell Your Event Services

As a business owner, you’re in charge of planning the event, managing a team, finding leads and handling their objections.

Without fail, other tasks will distract you and get in the way of how you sell your event services.

And, without effective sales training you’re skirting around your true value as an event planner and before you realize it, the vision you had for your event business has been forgotten.

The right sales training resources give you the knowledge, experience, strategies so sales is natural and in a digestible format.

Now, unfortunately, we can’t (typically) expect instantaneous kick-ass results. But you can look at proven sales training best practices to help make sure that your set up for real success.

Your sales training should cover everything from onboarding new clients to developing your skills and setting up criteria so you can change and adapt with the market. If you can do all this, you’ll be putting together the building blocks for an unstoppable sales machine.

Sell Your Event Services

Today’s guest is, Daniel Moskowitz, a sales expert and mentor in Boost Your Event Business.

In this training, Daniel walks you through a process to handle common client objections. Get ready to think differently about sales, how you handle rejection and, ultimately, how you sell your event services.

This one skill can add bookings to your calendar and help you take better care of your clients.

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