I’m involved with a group of success entrepreneurs and we were recently talking about how easy it is to beat yourself up when you have to put your business on hold due to personal issues. This same problem came up with one of my event planning mentees because of family and work commitments.

It’s easy to get “off track” when your family needs help or you’re dealing with your own stuff, whatever that may be. This happens to me too, probably more than you imagine.

Guilt Free Time Off

There are times when I need a few days to focus on matters outside work, or simply to recharge my batteries. I know it’s better to admit to myself that I need the time off, schedule it, and take a break without guilt. Otherwise, I’m trying to rest and all I’m thinking is “I should be working”, which hardly makes it a rest at all.

There is no point in thinking, “I’m supposed to be working on all of my event planning business ideas. I’m failing because I’m totally off-track.”

It’s Your Event Management Business

That’s one of the best parts about having your own event management business. When personal stuff comes up, you have the freedom to take a break and deal with it. You don’t have to phone your boss and explain why you can’t come to work this week. This can really take the pressure off when you don’t fall into the “I should be doing this instead” trap.

Unless you’ve made an appointment with a client or have a presentation booked, your time is yours to account for.

Instead of beating yourself up for taking a break, give yourself permission to help friends or family or to get some R&R if needed. Rejuvenation will do wonders for you and your business!

Do you beat yourself up for taking time off? Do you feel like you’re falling “off track” whenever you take a break?

Share your stories in the comment section; I know others will benefit from your experiences.

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Happy Planning.

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