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If You Want to Become an In-House Event Planner, This Event Course Will Show You How!

Does this sound like you?

You’ve always been interested in planning events, and you often get praised for your skills.

You’ve even been thinking about becoming an in-house event planner for a while, but…

Here’s what you must know before investing in an event course…

If you’re looking to take the next step by starting your event certification today, now more than ever, companies are looking for experienced event planners who have the skills and know-how, so they trust you enough to plan their events. 

They want their employees, clients and teams to enjoy the event and know that everything is taken care of…

That’s where you come in!

If you’re here today…

You’re in the right place at the right time! 

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Fulfill Your Dream of Becoming an Event Planner

For most in-house event planners, there’s nothing better than bringing people together and seeing the outcome from your hard work.

Or, seeing people smile and have a good time during the event. 

Like you, being an event planner is what I was meant to be.

In 2004, I was planning events for a travel company and I loved it!

If you’re looking for an exciting career as an in-house event planner, where every day brings something new and you’re creating experiences for other people, this event course will teach you how and give you all the tools you need to excel. 

Teaching you the fundamentals of being an event planner and planning events in any industry, the How to Be an Event Planner course focuses on planning, marketing, budgeting, execution, and event evaluation.  

Learn to plan events in any industry… 

There’s Nothing Better Than Seeing The Final Result From Your Hard Work!

Your first step should be to understand the steps and get help taking those steps. When you do this, planning events is so much easier!

With expert direction and a solid plan, this event course immerses you in the event industry and prepare you to confidently plan any in-house event. 

Since 2004, I’ve helped thousands of people – from all over the world – get the event training they need. 

I know what it takes to become an event planner and do what you’re passionate about. 

And I’ll show you the key elements you need to become a certified in-house event planner today. 

Event Management Course

“Forbes and Huffington Post recently named event planning as one of the 5th most stressful jobs in the world. This How to Be an Event Planner course is working to take it down to the bottom of the list. It’s an awesome resource for anyone who wants to get into event planning.”

– Will Curran

“When she said step-by-step, she meant it. I’ve completed online courses before, and it usually feels extremely impersonal. However, Melanie breaks the norm…and provides priceless information.”

– Aliya Perry

Addie K.

“We plan 45+ events a year. I found Event Planning Blueprint to be such a valuable resource. Everything that someone new may want to learn, they can learn from the tools and techniques that this course offers.” 

– Addie Kramer

Here’s what you’ll learn step-by-step…

Seating Arrangement For Events

Module #1

Event Fundamentals

In this module, you’ll put a clear plan in place that guides all your decisions and supports your vision, goals and the overall event; so you’re clearly showing the real value you bring as the event planner. Videos & Downloads Included:
  • Event Budgeting + Downloads
  • Creating Your Event Objective + Exercise Sheet
  • Developing Your Workback Schedule + Download

Module #2 

Vendors & Venues

In this module, you’ll unlock the secret to building vendor relationships. You’ll not only learn about tools and techniques so you’re creating a short-list of vendors, but a structure to choose the right venues, vendors and the right amount of food and beverage for every event you plan. Videos & Downloads Included:
  • Exactly How Much Food to Order & The ‘True Cost’ of Each Meal + Downloads & Calculators
  • 6 Guidelines to Choosing Speakers & Entertainment + Download
  • Choosing Transportation Companies
  • Determining The Right Event Vendors + Exercise
  • Discover Venue Options & The Key Component to Consider Before Choosing The Right Venue + Downloads
Event Planning Proposal
Portfolio Event Organizer

Module #3

Planning Profitable Events

At this stage in the course, we’ll give you helpful tips and actionable techniques so you’re planning profitable events and delivering a great experience by properly managing the event details and budget.

Videos & Downloads Included:

  • Avoiding Scope Creep & Misunderstandings
  • Understanding Return on Investment (ROI) and What to Measure + Exercise
  • Building 3 Other Revenue Streams + Download
  • Establishing Cultural Sensitivities So Your Events Are Inclusive
  • Two Ways to Create Your Event Safety Plan & How to Hire Security

Module #4 

Marketing Your Events or Services

In this module, you’ll develop your messaging and learn tips to communicate your event message. 

Videos & Downloads Included:

  • Promoting Your Events (even internally)
  • Deciding What Niche or Opportunities are Right For You + Exercise
  • What to Consider Before Choosing The Right Venue + Downloads
Benefits Of Event Planning

When you enroll today, get these BONUSES!

Events Company Mission And Vision

Bonus #1 

Year Round Live Expert Trainings ($4000 Value)

Get personalized mentorship from experts who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction. Join us twice a month in the members only area for our live Q&A calls (these calls are also recorded so you can watch them anytime).

Bonus #2

Lifetime Access
(Unlimited Value)

We know that life can get busy, which is why we give you lifetime access to the entire course (including updates).

With lifetime access you can retake the course anytime, from anywhere 24/7.
Event Planning Blueprint

Bonus #3

Member’s Community
(Value $600)

Ask questions and get help right away, so you don’t have to waste hours researching or spend weeks doing the wrong thing. You’ll have your problem solved right away and a community that understands you.
Nina Kokolj

I love event planning but had  little knowledge. I received so much useful information in How to Be an Event Planner that I can use to plan my company events. I don’t regret spending the money at all!”

– Nina Kokelj

Dayna D.

After registering for How to Be an Event Planner, I was planning events within 2 weeks. Thank you so much! I seriously would never have had the confidence or skills to do this without your course and this group!”

– Dayna Davies

How To Be A Professional Event Planner

The Q&A calls are a highlight for me. I love that we can share real-life experiences and have accountability.” 

– Marie-Christine Melhem


Once you complete this event course, you’ll receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ that you can hang on your wall, add to your Resume/CV and put within your LinkedIn Profile under the achievements section. 

Corporate Event Planning Contract Template
Event Planner Fees

The training in How to Be an Event Planner has helped me transform my career; from what details to pay attention to and what to avoid. I’m more professional and more confident with my presentations.”

– Koren Harvey

Sharon H.

I was on the verge of giving up my dream, but as a result of How To Be An Event Planner I’m more self-confident and know it’s OK not to know everything as you get started. I love that Melanie is accessible during How To Be An Event Planner and freely shares the struggles she experienced when she started event planning.”

– Sharon Heywood

Event Planning Toolkit

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, thoughts, wisdom, and for being so real and fun!” 

– Marichelle Carl

Basic Audio Training

You’re Protected With Our 30-day 

100% Risk-Free Guarantee! 

Since 2013 we’ve provided exceptional event planning courses and trainings and we want you to feel safe. You have 30-days to try the course and, if you’re not satisfied, send us an email and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Hello, I’m Melanie Woodward

Free Event Planning Software

I’ve planned hundreds of events and I’ve trained thousands of event 

planners. Here’s how I can help you…

In this professionally designed event course, I’ll walk you through each phase of an event so you’re do a better job and plan better events every step of the way. With videos, exercises and real-life scenarios along the way, you’ll have the skills you need to be a certified event planner.

I’ve been planning corporate events since 2004 – around the world –

and have worked with…

  • Hollywood Celebrities
  • Professional Athletes
  • International Brands

But I didn’t stop there! I’m the creator and founder of Event Planning Blueprint and I’ve been featured on Eventbrite, International Business Times, CBS MoneyWatch, The Boston Globe, and more.

What You Get When You Enroll in
How to Be an Event Planner

Get clarity and laser focus

Complete event training from start to finish


6 Module event course plus bonuses 

Calculators, exercises & templates

Expert mentorship

Event Planning Seating Arrangements

I had a plan on where I wanted to take my event career, but I didn’t know how to get there. This was my guide and gave me the steps I needed to plan exceptional events. I know I chose the right program!”

– Monica Kadange

Tyese K.

I got step-by-step guidance and in just 3 months, I am further in my business than I would have been without the program.”

– Tyese Knight

Tanya P.

A must for anyone planning an event – of any size. Melanie has taken all the guesswork out of creating these practical, easy to use event planning tools.” 

– Tanya Power

Choose The Plan That Works Best For You

Payment Plan

usd $97

x 8 months

6 Modules
Certificate of Completion
Marketing Training
Member's Community
Expert Mentorship
30-Day Guarantee
Lifetime Access
Live Q&A Calls
Your order is safe & secure
Event Organizer Software

I loved the materials, the instruction and the community interaction and this course gave me structure and a roadmap. If you’re going to be successful then you have to take action.” 

– Bennie Hicks

Ruthina B.

Since enrolling, I’m working on more events and have more confidence running my events.”

– Ruthina Bibb

Michaela S.

“My biggest take away from How To Be An Event Planner was having the mentorship and guidance that I’d been struggling to find. This program is full of valuable information and offered me the support and learning I’d been looking for.”

– Michaela Smith

Become a Certified Event Planner Today!



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