…McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway? While these are all fast and inexpensive options for an on-the-go event planner, are they your best options for your to eat when on-site at your event?

We all know how it works: the menu for the attendees is packed with rich sauces and decadent desserts. From the cookies at break time to the sweet table at dinner time, tempting morsels that are quick to grab and easy to pop in your mouth are everywhere. You planned it that way, remember?

I have been on site at conferences where the hectic pace meant I lived on coffee, pizza, and possibly the odd vegetable…sometimes for days. It was so hard to keep a positive attitude and keep my energy level up, and I felt awful on top of it all. Worse than over indulging in rich foods, is to forget to eat entirely.

Schedule time in your day to eat. Seriously!

What Do You Eat On-Site At Your Events?

Add it to your workback schedule (aka checklist) because not eating will leave you tired, run down, and grouchy. Of course, events don’t always unfold as planned, and sometimes that lunch break you scheduled may come and go. If the venue has provided you with an office, ask that they stock it with healthy snacks, like fruit and granola bars, and water. If you miss your meal, you will still be able to grab something to keep you going. Often I will pre-order healthy meals for my team at the same time I plan the menu for the event. That way it’s sure to be delivered and we’re sure to eat something throughout the day.

When you do get the opportunity to have a proper meal, opt for lighter fare and avoid the rich foods. You don’t necessarily have to eat what the attendees are being served. At breakfast, avoid the Hollandaise sauce on the Eggs Benedict, and pick the vitamin rich fruit salad. Soup, salad, or a sandwich are good, quick options too.

Insider Tip: Stay hydrated. Coffee and pop don’t count. Water or coconut water is your best choice, followed by herbal tea. Add slices of lemon, lime or cucumber to your water for added refreshment.

Watch your caffeine intake. Too often we sip coffee or cans of soda, one after another. These do not provide the hydration your body needs, and sooner or later, you will feel the ‘caffeine crash’.

You should also limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages. I make it a rule to not drink anything alcoholic while on duty. While off duty, don’t go overboard because no one works well hung over!

As with everything in life, moderation is the way go. Maintaining your health on site will keep you feeling good, on and off the floor. It’s easy to get swept away by the exciting pace of an event, or an exotic location. Often these events provide the opportunity to try new foods and have new experiences, which you should absolutely take advantage of, within reason.

In the comments below, share with me what you prefer to eat when on-site for an event?

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  1. brad cooper (@bradc44) at3:22 pm

    I agree. Having a few granola bars and snack packs of dried fruit is the ticket to staying awake and energized while in the middle of a long day. I also avoid energy drinks because the crash is much worse than the reward.


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