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How to Start an Event Planning Business that Turns a Profit

I’m frequently asked for advice on how to start an event planning business. I do everything I can to give my readers the blueprint (hence, the domain name) for success. One aspect of event planning business start-up I’ve been told I haven’t addressed enough is how to start an event planning business that makes money.

Let’s not fool ourselves and think these are tips to ‘get-rich-quick’.

They’re not.

Let me ask you this…

How important is it to make money, say within 60 days? I ask this because I think some people new to the business don’t realize just how much effort it takes to make money right away.

To make money right off the bat you need to:

  • Have established connections
  • Have a proven plan
  • Be a go-getter
  • Work long hours
  • Have a defined niche and target market

And you can’t miss out on ANY of those requirements. Does that seem like a lot more work than you expected? If so, don’t sweat it. I’m going to help you make it happen.

How to Start an Event Planning Business that Turns a Profit

5 Simple Steps

Many people believe it takes time – at least a year – to turn a profit when starting a new business. This is true for some types of businesses, but certainly not true for event planners. Since our overhead expenses are far less than businesses such as retail shops and restaurants, it’s not out of the question to start making money fast. Here’s how:

Word of Mouth and Established Connections: If you know people that run events, or know people that know people, you have an opportunity to easily get some early business. Send out an email or make a call to those you know that run events similar to the type of events you plan to let them know you’re starting up an event planning business. Word of mouth isn’t a long-term lead generation solution. But it’s a great way to start making money fast and gain referrals.

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