You’ve been thinking about starting an event planning blog but it scares the sh*t out of you.

After all, what would you write about? Who will read your blog, and why would they care what lil ol’ you has to say?

When I started my blog on June 14, 2012, I had absolutely no experience with blogging let alone writing, and I certainly didn’t have any followers – so thanks for being here! 🙂

I was (still am, actually) really insecure about grammar because as a child I was told I wasn’t good at it, so now I am constantly second guessing myself and wondering if I put that damn comma in the right place (often I (still) don’t!).

My very first post, titled: Event Planning Services: Worth More than Just Money, was written and deleted five times before I finally left it up for the world to see.

Inspire With Your Event Planning Blog

I posted another article four days later, then another, and another…and here we are three years later with about 150 posts.

Our posts have come a long way in terms of content, videos, and followers. But what I realized is that I love sharing information and seeing other people succeed.

The key is to find what you love to share.

For me, I love sharing information from conferences, teachers, mentors, and other entrepreneurs that will help you. I believe in collaboration rather than holding your cards (aka knowledge and skills) tight, and I believe there’s enough room in the event planning industry for anyone to be successful.

Now, let’s talk about how YOU can start an event planning blog today…

If you’ve been considering starting a blog (or newsletter), watch this episode of EventPlanning BlueprintTV because I’m sharing 3 tricks so you can take action today.

  • Choose a blogging platform like WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger. I use WordPress.
  • Choose a name for your blog. Steer clear of hyphenated names and pay a little extra to upgrade your account so you don’t have a name like: – yes, this was my original blog and still contains some old posts.
  • Choose a theme/design for your blog.
  • Choose a hosting company for your event planning blog. I use but is great too.

For Best Results With Your Blog

The next steps are relevant right now, but Google can (and will!) change them at some point, so for best results with search engines, follow these tips:

  1. Write 500-800 words per post.
  2. Include a H2 tag with your main keyword in it.
  3. Choose one keyword that you use in the title, body of the post and H2 tag. In this post I’ve used ‘event planning blog,’ for example. However, don’t use it so much that it doesn’t read well – Google will actually penalize you for this. They’re so smart!
  4. Include a video or picture(s) in your post and use the keyword in the alt title.
  5. Add an SEO plugin. I use WordPress SEO by Yoast – it’ll guide you through each step to maximize your results.

It’s About What You Love

Remember, starting an event planning blog is about what you love to share. If you love decor, write about decor. If you love food and beverage, write about food and beverage. I love business, so I write about the business of event planning.

Now I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, let me know what struggles you hear from the people you plan events for (family, friends or clients) over and over again that can answer the question, “but what will I write about?”

I can’t wait to hear from you, so comment now…

To your success,

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