Be honest…

When you hear the word ‘sales’ do you panic?

Are you tired of being asked to discount your event planning services?

Or worse yet, do you feel deflated when you get that dreaded email that starts out, “We loved you, BUT…”?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re going to love today’s episode of EventPlanning BlueprintTV.

Listen in as Maria Bayer and I share one of the most common mistakes that event planners make (even seasoned salespeople!) that hurt your chances of booking the client, and the simple thing you can do instead.

How To Add Value To Your Event Planning Services

It’s all about building value when interacting with your clients so they see the value before you talk about the bottom line.

But how do you build value into your sales process?

How do you outline the benefits your event clients experience vs. the features of your event planning services?

And what’s the difference between a benefit and a feature?

Watch today’s episode and find out how to add value to your event planning services…

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In the comments below, share with me.

  1. What benefits do you offer your event clients?
  2. What features do you offer?

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