How To Plan A Successful Auction

I bidder on, you bidder on $30, now $40…going once…going twice…sold!

I’ll never forget my first foray into auctions. Honestly, I had very little experience in this niche market of event planning. But I dove head first into making the Art for Africa event I was hosting a great one – complete with African drummers and dancers!

I worked with artists from the U.S. and Canada who donated their artwork, coordinated the entire event and auction and made sure the presentation the night of the event made people want to bid on every work of art so we could raise money to send Bella, a 15yr old girl I met in Rwanda, to school.

Planning a Lucrative and Exciting Auction

After managing this event I wanted to speak to an expert in auction planning. You’ll recognize my guest today because you’ve seen her before. Welcome back, Alex Durant from Durant Consulting! Alex shares her years of experience running huge auctions for her clients and gives you some great tips that you can use to plan a successful auction too – no matter how big or small your event is.

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