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This site is dedicated to sharing tools, strategies and resources that’ll help you plan an event and build the event planning business you dream about. You don’t have to do it perfectly, you just have to take action. We’ll share free event planning tips and ideas that’ll give you the confidence to have the event planning business you want.

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Every Wednesday we share free event planning tips and videos – tips on how to start or grow your event planning business, how to plan an event, how to charge for your event services, how to find event clients, we’ll share expert interviews, and more.


If you’ve got the skills but struggle because you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, and your possibilities seem out of reach, we’ll point you in the right direction. Simply add your name and email address to get our (weekly) free event planning tips, and we’ll deliver them straight to your inbox. Event Planning Blueprint is the go-to online resource for business trends, event planning ideas, and education. Thousands of event planners from around the globe read Event Planning Blueprint each week, and we are THE reference guide for event planners who want to start and run an event business that makes money. We’ll share our knowledge with you so you can build a profitable event planning business. By becoming part of our International community of event planners, you’ll avoid common mistakes event planners make. Through our videos, event planning blog posts, products, and training programs, you’ll get practical tools and invaluable advice to help you succeed, and have a lot of fun along the way. Let’s get started together, sign up for free event planning tips now! I look forward to seeing you each Wednesday.

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