Do you struggle to figure out how much to charge for your event planning services? Wondering what other event planners are charging in your area?

Or, how to use social media to attract media to your event?

Then today’s episode of EventPlanning BlueprintTV is for you.

Addie, a 12 year event-planning veteran, is a rock-star building her business based on her client’s needs and how to best serve them.

She aims to elevate the status of her clients, which in turn sets her business, The Event Company, apart in the market.

Creating Social Media Ambassadors

By creating social media ambassadors and involving her clients, she integrates social media into the events she plans, works with the client’s staff or volunteers, trains them on social media, then empowers everyone to act on behalf of the client via Twitter and Instagram to help build brand awareness (for the client); Attracting media attention and creating a unique way to recognize sponsors, speakers, and special guests.

This all leads to increased event engagement and more excitement.

What Are Other Event Planners Are Charging?

Addie focused building relationships within her niche, and then once she was established she added on other event services (like wedding planning) that her clients asked for. Not only is Addie a super-star for her clients, but she also invests in herself and her business. I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, please share what you’re struggling with in your event planning business? Have you been able to overcome this struggle? If so, what or who helped you? Have an amazing week!

P.P.S Start your event planning career today with The Event Toolkit.


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