Choose A Name For Your Event Planning Business

When I started my event business in 2004, I struggled with what to name it. It’s a problem we hear a lot at Event Planning Blueprint, “how to choose a name for your event planning business”. Tyesse, a long time community member at Event Planning Blueprint and a recent grad of our business training program, experienced this when naming her event business. Ultimately she chose a name that was close to her heart and had meaning for her – Marigold Rose Events, which was named after her two grandmothers. So sweet, right?! But, it took going through this 8 point checklist before she decided on the right name for her.

How I Named My Event Business

It took me weeks to decide what to name my business because I couldn’t decide if I wanted something fun and catchy, something meaningful or if I should name the business after myself. In the end I decided on C!AO Event Management. Ciao (pronounced chow) is an informal Italian greeting that is used to say hello or good-bye. The name helps you brand your event business, decide what your website will look like, what logo to choose and what to put on your business cards. Many event planners struggle to choose a name because of the pressure to pick the ‘right’ business name.

Choose A Name For Your

Event Planning Business Some experts believe names should be abstract and others believe they should be informative so it’s easy to understand what your business is about. In today’s video, I share 8 steps that you can use to help make a decision.Step One: Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down every word that comes to mind. Don’t filter your thoughts or say no to anything – yet. (Use to expand your word list)Step Two: While some synonyms have positive connotations others are neutral or negative. E.g. lazy vs. relaxed, difficult or challenging, studios vs. nerdy. Explore different word choices to enhance your business name. Ask yourself:
  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. How is my business better (or more unique) than the competition?
Step Three: Narrow your list to 2-3 options.Step Four: Is the name easy to pronounce and spell? Ciao wasn’t an easy word for many people to say, but it was memorable and it meant something to me.Step Five: Is it descriptive? C!AO had personal meaning for me because Italy is one of my favorite countries, and it also stood for Contemporary, Innovative and Original.

Add a Tagline

If your business name isn’t descriptive, add a tagline to describe your services.Step Six: Confirm the URL is available. Use sites like Hostgator to secure your domain availability.Step Seven: Test your business name by asking (at least) 25 people from your target audience for feedback.Step Eight: Is the name legally available? Use your State/Government website to check availability and register your business name. Most Government sites allow you to do this online.

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