When you’re shopping, do you get pulled into stores because of their branding? Maybe they have pretty storefronts, fun packaging, or services you just can’t resist?

On a recent outing, I was lured into Ted Baker that sells designer clothing and accessories for men and women. At first I had no intention of buying anything but I soon walked out with a gorgeous coat because of their branding strategies; Strategies that can be applied to any event planning business to help you communicate your services effectively.

When it comes to building your event brand, you can get pretty creative – often without needing a lot of cash. Download Your Guide to Event Branding Here

How To Build An Event Brand

If you’re feeling lost and struggling to stand out from other event planners, this is the post for you because today on EventPlanning BlueprintTV I’m sharing 3 strategies to help you build your event brand. These are simple, yet effective strategies that you can implement right away.

  1. Know Your Perfect Client – Often described as a client avatar, character or persona, knowing the needs, behaviors and goals of your perfect client helps you describe your event services and helps you identify your market. Ask yourself:
    1. What problem(s) do I solve for my event clients?
    2. Who typically has this problem?
    3. What’s important to your client?
  2. Be You – Being yourself is so much easier than trying to be someone else and it allows you to set the tone of your event brand. If you’re just getting started or you’ve been in business for a while, establishing your brand’s voice is valuable. You can find your ‘voice’ by asking yourself:
    1. What are my values?
    2. What do I want to represent?
    3. How do I want people to talk about my event brand and services?
  3. Sell Your Services – your event clients will focus on services that help them achieve what they’re looking for, so ask yourself:
    1. How do you want your perfect client to feel about you and your event brand?
    2. How do you want clients to feel when they book your event services?
    3. How will you deliver this promise to your clients?

Branding doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be quite basic, and building your event brand is essential to building value for your event services and your clients.

This Week Take Action

Download the branding guide and fill it out, then choose 5-10 clients that you want to speak with and make a commitment to book a 15-30 minute consultation with them. Use the time to provide value and allow them to ask you questions.

Now I want to hear from you.

Which of these 3 strategies do you need to focus on first and why?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks for your comments, sharing this post with other event planners looking to brand their event services, and for joining our community!? Have an eventful week,


  1. Daz at1:35 am

    Hey Melanie
    Thanks for the great advice. I am currently part of small event team for music, that acts as a label and an events brand. Last year we launched our very first gig at a small venue and it went really well. Fortunately, due to my team’s connection, we have the opportunity to go to much larger scale event at the end of the year. I was just wondering if it’s best to go big straight away? Or is it best to possibly oranise some small events throughout the year in preparation for that big event? Right now we are in that phase of trying to find out who we are as a brand, so any advice would be great

    Kind Regards

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at2:47 am

      Congratulations Daz! re: your branding, download the free guide (above) and fill it out individually and then as a group – I suggest this because you’ll each have ideas that you bring to the table and then you can bring them together to form your ultimate band brand. Start with that. As for going big, if you do it strategically then there’s no reason not too. Many businesses ‘fail’ (First Action In Learning, imo) because they grow too quickly, but if you get to that point hire a consultant to guide you through it. For now, and if you’re getting started, take all the business that comes your way so you can refine your brand, make money and decide who you want to work with. Go big or go home!! Good luck and keep us posted.

  2. John Samuel at10:13 am

    Very informative blog…. I will keep all these things in mind.

    1. Melanie at11:57 am

      Thanks John, we hope you’re able to use them and not just keep them in mind 🙂

  3. Marquee at9:40 pm

    Thank you Melanie for sharing these tips – one of the most important things is, as you said, knowing your target client. Otherwise everything you do is random and desperate. We have learned this the hard way many times.

    1. Melanie at12:00 pm

      You’re welcome! it definitely makes it harder when you don’t know exactly who your audience is, so I hope these tips help you and other readers define your perfect clients.


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