Holiday Party Planning Tips for Event Planners

The wizard of blizzard hasn’t nipped any noses yet, but event planners are already putting their holiday plans in place. To top it up, 2012 is at its end with December barely a month away. I’d suggest you start your planning too if you haven’t already!

Insider Tip: Start planning your holiday party by setting goals and choosing the date, time and location first. This will keep you on-track with the entire plan, while making sure you don’t miss anything. Use this post to create your event objective:

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Date ReservationStart by reserving a date for the party now. I personally prefer doing this months in advance and before venues fill their calendars with other holiday activities.
  • Party Theme and Ideas – Decide the party theme, the budget, how large the gathering should be, and whether you will have the food catered. Consider interesting themes like soup parties, caroling parties, costume parties or cocktail parties. For more ideas, brainstorm with friends and colleagues and choose something that is suitable for the audience.
  • Mood Enhancers – Create a welcoming atmosphere. Enhance the lighting and turn on the music. Lighting fixtures can serve as the actual décor as well. Select party soundtracks that popular and a favorite among the majority.
  • Guest list –The guest list has to be prepared well beforehand so you can plan for the party accordingly. Remember, the number of guests to invite will depend on the space and venue.
  • Menu Selection –If you plan to hire a caterer, make sure you consult with them and decide the menu well before the day of the party. I like the idea of creating a menu to match the party décor and theme or having food stations with popular items like perogies, soup, mashed potatoes, ice cream sundaes, raw seafood, or an espresso bar.
  • Invitations –Invitations should be sent out as early as possible so guests can RSVP. Make the invitation cards resourceful, providing the necessary details of the party like location, start and end time, dress code, date, and if they can bring a plus one.
  • Gather all the necessary supplies – Buy all the supplies needed for the party, such as paper goods, food, beverages, decorations etc. Make a list of essential items and be prepared to shop multiple times throughout the planning process.
  • Party Décor –The secret to planning a holiday party successfully is surprising people by giving them a whole new experience. Reinvent décor ideas to give the party a new feel. I like the idea of bringing the outdoors in (for example, turning the interior into an enchanted forest).

You don’t need a background in event planning to become an expert. If you have a knack for organizing and planning, you have the basic skills required to plan your own events (and get paid). Get started right now at


  1. Ivy Baker at7:00 pm

    This is some really good information about party planning. I liked that you pointed out that you need to consider what the theme of the party will be.

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at8:57 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it, Ivy!

    2. Melanie at12:01 pm

      Definitely knowing your theme helps shape the rest of your event.


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