Do you want to develop your event business to include International events, use these five ways a destination management company (DMC) can improve your international event.

5 Ways a DMC can Improve Your International Event

What is a DMC?

A Destination Management Company, or DMC, is a company that uses their specialist local knowledge of the area where they’re based to assist you in making your event a success. Their ‘on the ground’ knowledge of the destination, including logistics, culture and the location itself, will be invaluable to you as an event manager, so your relationship with a DMC is a beneficial partnership.

How can Using a DMC Improve Your International Event?

  1. Time Management

One of the most valuable ways a DMC can improve your international event is giving you greater control over your ability to manage your time on the project. Think about how busy you are when you’re planning a local event. Add an international destination to the mix and the time you’ll need to spend on the logistics of the event, such as finding suppliers, negotiating and getting contracts signed is multiplied due to the distance, and possible language barrier. By using a DMC, you’ll have more time to work on your event and make it fantastic.

  1. Local Knowledge

You can research a destination all you like, but unless you’re there on the ground, it’s easy to miss out on crucial pieces of information. Even if you go on an initial visit to get the feel of the place, you’re unlikely to take in everything you need to know. A DMC will have the latest info on local venues and suppliers, which means you can avoid making a mistake when you choose them. Having up-to-date and relevant knowledge of local business practices and customs is only one of the great ways a DMC can improve your international event.

  1. Budget

If I tell you that working with a DMC can benefit your budget you might think I’m crazy, after all, a DMC’s services aren’t free. However, you’re likely to have built working relationships and partnerships with local suppliers in your area, which gives you the scope to negotiate costs, get better deals and be more likely to be offered upgrades and add-ons. Of course, you may not have those advantages when you’re planning an international event; but your DMC does.

  1. On Location

If you have to plan your international event from your home base, it’s not only stressful, but if the venue has major problems you won’t be on hand to work things out. If disaster does strike, you may have to travel to the destination to try and resolve it. If you’re working with a DMC, however, they’ll be there to make sure that the problem is smoothed out.

  1. Added Extras

It’s not only value-adds and benefits from suppliers and vendors that a DMC can negotiate for you, their local knowledge means that they can suggest, and arrange, the little things that will delight your attendees. From entertainment options to that hidden gem of a restaurant that’s not in any of the guide books, the ways a DMC can improve your international event are invaluable, and worth every penny.

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