This past week I spent time at a friend’s cottage three hours north of Toronto. It’s a beautiful area full of large trees, wide-open, fresh water lakes and weekend warriors.

As much as I love living in the heart of the city, I need time to escape the busyness to enjoy nature, clear my head and use the extra time to train for a triathlon next month.(This picture was taken after a training swim)

Training for a triathlon feels a lot like building a business, it can be overwhelming if I think about all the work it takes to reach my goal.

Do you ever think to yourself, “life would be so great if I could make XX amount of money,” or “I’d feel so much better if I was 10lbs lighter,” or “life will be easier when I have a successful event planning business.”

But then you get stuck because you don’t know what steps to take next?

Why Goal Setting Works

People from all walks of life work really hard but don’t seem to get anywhere because they don’t take the time to focus on what they want…

That’s why goal setting is important if you want to achieve your life’s desires and so you know where to focus your efforts.

Whether you’re training for a triathlon, starting an event planning business, or building your business, it’s important to know what inspires you and how to achieve your goals. Sounds simple, right?

Goal setting isn’t just for the end of the year, it’s important to take action and consistently be setting and revising your goals…

That’s why I invited my friend, Michael, to join me for today’s episode of EventPlanning BlueprintTV. Michael is a successful business owner and works with companies like General Mills, Pfizer and Wrigley and he’s sharing 3 goal setting strategies you can use immediately.


Now, Michael and I would love to hear from you. What goals have you set for yourself and what’s one tip can you share with our community that has helped you achieve your goals? Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences…I love hearing from you!


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