Sometimes a comment comes from a member of our community that we know all our readers can relate to. That’s exactly how I felt about Cindy’s #1 frustration when it comes to her event planning business: Friends & Family who say things like “you need to get a real job”.

Although Cindy is already a certified event planner and a member of our How to Be an Event Planner course, she’s hustling to set goals and get new clients.

The problem: that little “get a real job” voice is holding her back from really achieving her dreams.

Sound familiar?

Whether it’s that little voice inside your own head or the voice of friends and family, does getting or having a ‘real’ job affect your dream?

Here’s the real deal:

Most event planners aren’t able to make a full-time living off their services at the beginning.

Many event planners support themselves in other ways while building their event business. Some work in marketing, some are administrative assistants, some are teachers or nurses.

This doesn’t make them less of an event planner or unqualified to find and get clients!

In fact, there are a lot of planners who don’t make a dime off their event services when getting started and even when they start getting paid, they keep a side-job in order to have some income coming in.

The reality is, you have to help yourself!

Getting a ‘Real Job’

Having a day job isn’t a sign that you don’t believe in yourself or your event talents, or your goal of having a full-time event business.

But think of it this way…

What if having a job helps take away the stress of building the business of your dreams? What if having a job allows you to build a better website and branding strategy for that business? What if that job helps you pay your bills, so you aren’t worried about how to buy groceries or pay your electric bill?

What if that job helped you learn skills that you can use in your event business?

If being an event planner and having a full-time event business is what you must do, then you’ve got to do it and do whatever it takes to support yourself.

Building and having a business is about busting-your-butt, it’s not about things just falling into your lap. Yes, that sometimes happens, but it’s usually because you busted-your-butt on something for it TO happen.

Goal setting is great, but you also need to be practical.

When I started my event business in 2004, I was working full-time and then worked contract jobs for a few years as I built my business and found clients who would hire me over-and-over again.

This was a saving grace because it took the pressure off and still allowed me to do what I loved.

So, if your friends and family are telling you to get a ‘real job’, don’t feel stressed about their intentions. Drop the stress of demanding that your event services immediately pay your bills because having a day job doesn’t mean you’re giving up your dreams.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Do you have a day job (or other source of income) that funds your event business and life? Have you ever done this?

Leave a comment below and let us know…

Thanks so much for being here, see you next time!

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  1. Event Planning Blueprint at8:43 am

    You’re not alone, Yonnie. What are you doing to make it your real job?


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