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The Future of Event Sponsorship

Today’s event sponsorship is not passive.

It’s active, engaging and succeeds because of human interaction.

Ask yourself: what booth or company would you choose to visit at an event?

The one who just hangs a banner or the one you can interact with?

Most likely you’ll go for the latter.

Event Sponsorship

Many sponsors ask for a small booth or at least a physical presence during the event. But how do you reach a larger audience at events where a physical presence is not possible or allowed?

Recent developments in technology might give us the answer.

Sponsors need the right activation to engage with as many attendees as possible during the event to create leads. Yet we know that there are limits.

A small booth can accommodate two representatives who can handle a limited number of interactions per hour.

Once the event become larger you find yourself missing out on interesting opportunities, simply because you cannot handle the sheer number of prospects with limited staff and space.

The same applies to events where it’s not appropriate to have a physical presence or representatives.

Join us for a conversation about the future of event sponsorship and what event planners need to know.

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