In light of COVID-19, businesses of all sizes are feeling the impact more than ever. Unfortunately, the event planning industry is no different and we’re all feeling the pressure and strain from the pandemic.

(these tools & resources are available anytime, however they’re being offered for free during Covid-19)

But it’s important to stay positive and focus on your long term goals. Take this opportunity to evaluate your business and your brand, and work on the things that you’ve been putting off.

The world community is coming together in these hard times, and companies are offering relief and free services to businesses. We put together a list of free tools and resources that are being offered during this time, to help minimize the impact and keep us looking forward.

While these resources are available to the world, it’s also important to look locally because many local businesses are offering discounts and free products or services as well.

11 Free Tools & Resources Offered During COVID-19

  1. Microsoft: Microsoft is offering Microsoft 365 and Teams for free for 6 months. An incredible resource for event planners who are endlessly creating documents, plans, presentations, and pitches.
  2. Hootsuite: Maintaining your social presence is essential to keep you and your brand top of mind, especially with everyone spending their time online. COVID-19 is not permanent, and once it ends, event planning will be at its busiest peak.

With Hootsuite’s free access to their professional plan you can have an unlimited number of RSS integrations, $500 (free in social boosts), access to support, and more!

  1. GeoGuard: Unfortunately, hackers are taking advantage of this pandemic and have been attacking businesses, corporations, and individuals relentlessly. Phishing scams are at its highest peak.

To protect yourself, GeoGuard is offering it’s detection technology to any business in need. For free.

  1. MOZ Academy: Digital marketing is thriving. And this is a turning point in your marketing strategy. If you haven’t already, it’s time to seriously look into inbound marketing. And this is the best time. ‘

MOZ Academy is offering free access to its SEO courses, that covers everything.

  1. Box: Now is not the time to get notifications that you’re reaching your cloud storage limit. Luckily,  Box is offering a 90 day trial during this time, so you can store essential data and information during this time.
  2. Vidyard, A handy video messaging tool, is free until June 30. An incredible tool to communicate with your employees and clients. Sometimes, showing is better than telling.
  3. CloudFlare: Protect yourself and your business online. Cloudflare is offering Cloudflare for teams for free until September. Keeping you safe when you access confidential files.
  4. DNSFilter: Protect yourself from any possibility of a phishing attack, virus, or malware. Right now DNSFilter is offering its advanced features for free until July.
  5. Slack: a messaging service that keeps you connected with all of your employees and stakeholders. Slack is offering their standard and paid plan free to any non-profit organization. And if you’re an organization that already uses Slack, you will find many features are free during COVID-19.

Health & Wellness

It’s important to keep your business running but it’s just as important to keep your mind healthy and your body fit. Here are some wellness services that businesses are offering for free:

  1. Headspace: It can be easy to get caught up in the news and feel the stress of what’s happening around us. Headspace is offering it’s meditation and yoga exercises for free to all businesses and its employees.
  2. Les Mills: Virtual fitness classes are what we really need right now. Luckily, Les Mills is delivering. Get access to 100 virtual fitness classes for free until COVID-19 is over.

To keep your mind and body healthy it’s important to be aware of techniques you can use at home during this time. Check out #GreatUnminds on slack, and learn tips and tricks and chat with people who are in the same situation as you.

Staying positive right now is critical to your success and any help can make a difference for you and your business.

Help your event community — are there other services offering free products during this time? Let us know in the comments below.

Stay safe and healthy.


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