How to Avoid Common Event Planning Pitfalls With These Easy-to-Use Event Contracts

With these templates, you'll create a professional and beautiful looking experience for your clients --resulting in more bookings for you!

These easy-to-use templates help protect your event services and act as your personal checklist so nothing is missed when you're trying to impress your clients and show them that they can trust you to plan their event.

You’ll have fully customized event contracts PLUS proposal, event & sponsorship templates, too! 

#1 - Event Contracts

Get this complete set of event contract templates that cover a variety of important issues, including a client service agreement, vendor/independent contractor agreement and NDA, and a guide walking you through each step.

#2 - Sponsor Package

Maximize your sponsorship value. You'll get our tried-and-true methods for delivering qualified sponsors to your event by producing sponsorship packages that get noticed. Including request letters, sample packages and a guide

#3 - Proposal Template

This perfectly crafted event proposal template and guide shows you exactly what to include in your proposals and how to stand out from the crowd!

#4 - Event Templates

Use this step-by-step system to plan successful events with ease. 

Inside, you’ll find templates, forms and checklists to help you plan any type of event - no matter the size or the occasion.

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How It Works


Once your purchase is complete, you'll get access to all the contracts, templates and guides in Word or Excel and PDF format so you can easily customize your templates.


Using the guides provided, customize your contracts and templates so you feel confident and can asnwer client questions quickly and easily.  


To save time and money in the future, use these templates over-and-over again for any event you plan -- no matter what event niche you're in.

Protecting the photos and images you take during your events is important to your event marketing. Getting this photo consent form signed by your clients, grants you permission to use the event photos and gives you legal permission to publish the photos taken at your events.

“Melanie has taken all the guesswork out of creating events and being an event planner with these practical, easy to use event training tools.”

Tanya Power - Canada

“The Event Toolkit, or the event planner’s bible as I like to call it, has so much information on everything you need to know to plan and throw an event.”

Brittany Lofton - USA

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Usually $400, Get it at 51% off and get same day access!


Q. What type of files are the templates? The files are word, excel and/or PDF downloads. You can download, save, and print all files to your computer and you can edit and customize each category to fit your specific event needs. 

Q. What's included in The Event Toolkit Bundle Pro? #1 - Event Contracts Covering: 1) What happens if the client requests additional services, 2) What's expected of the event planner and the client, 3) What happens if the client requests additional services, 4) What services are included in the agreement, 5) ​What are the payment terms of the event, 6) ​And so much more...

#2 - Sponsorship Toolkit Includes: 1) Request letter and sponsorship package outline what you have to offer sponsors in return for their contribution, 2) Sponsorship contract outlining important details like the event scope and and sponsorship agreements, 3) Sponsorship journey map breaking down the journey into 6 simple steps so the process of getting sponsors doesn't feel overwhelming, 4) The event sponsorship guide.

#3 - Proposal Template Includes: 1) A customizable proposal template to introduce your event services that highlights your skills and services, 2) Step-by-step system & guide walking you through the event proposal so you know exactly what to include.

#4 - Event Templates Including: 1) An already-done-for-you workback schedule helps you organize your entire event from start to finish, without missing any details, 2) A detailed, easy-to-use budget, including examples, that shows you the bottom line. If your client asks, you know where every penny is going (includes currency exchange for planning international events, too), 3) 30 Places to Market Your Events in an easy to follow checklist that takes the guesswork out of where to advertise, 4) A pricing strategy guide showing you how to properly charge for your event services and what to consider before you set your price or give a quote.

Plus Bonus - Photo Consent Form.

Q. Does The Event Toolkit Bundle PRO come with instructions? Yes. You will receive a guide for each section showing you how to use the individual toolkits.  

Q. How will I receive The Event Toolkit Bundle PRO? The Event Toolkit Bundle PRO is a digital download and once you purchase it, you'll receive an email with links to download the entire Bundle.  

You can use the spreadsheets anywhere you can open Word, Excel and PDF formatted documents.  

Q. Can I get a refund? No. The Event Toolkit Bundle PRO is a digital download. There is nothing for you to return, and due to the nature of the documents provided, there are no refunds. All purchases are final. 

Q. Is my payment information safe? Yes! You can pay with credit card and it's just as safe as buying anything else online because I use a credible, secure third party payment processor. 

Q. Other questions? Click here to send your questions.

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Usually $400, Get it at 51% off and get same day access!

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