Planners who provide any type of event planning service must be able to answer questions from clients like, “Why should I hire you?”

Your future customers may question the cost for the convenience and solutions that you provide. So it’s important to make them aware, early on, just how much time and work – as well as money – you will save them with your event planning services.

Those looking to hire you know that they are facing a daunting task of planning an event on their own.

They probably haven’t been in a similar situation before.

You provide enormous value, of course, because no-one knows the ins and outs of assembling a corporate event, wedding, private affair, or sales presentation quite like you do.

Approach your client from a position providing great value and never get defensive about your fees, because (as the famous hair product slogan proclaims) “you’re worth it!”

5 Ways to Sell Your Event Planning Services

1You save time – Now that you’ve been contacted for a possible consultation, your potential client still doesn’t know exactly what he or she is in for. So tell them! Let them know that simply calling around to banquet halls isn’t enough.

How many people can those the banquet hall legally allow? Will beverage service be provided? What are the legal restrictions regarding alcohol? Why should your client call six different party facilities, when only one call to their event planner will suffice?

2- You save money – Time is money. This is a well-known concept. However, you may have to reiterate that it’s your job to save your clients money by knowing which halls charge less for certain dates, which beverage distributors give better “bulk” or wholesale discounts, and which entertainment is the most cost-effective, and get the best reviews from your client’s guests!

3- You have connections – Any worthwhile event planner – like any conciérge at a fine hotel – provides top-notch services because the planner’s personal connections reflect professionalism and experience. It’s assumed that your potential clients can’t expect to have the same connections within the events industry that you have. And that has worth, so your price should reflect that worth.

4- You’ve done this before (and often.) – Of course you’re experienced – you probably planned parties and events before you decided to begin charging for your event planning services! That “free” work you once provided became part of your event planning education. And that means you have knowledge and insight…even for situations that your clients won’t think about.

5- The next time they call you (they’ll benefit even more!) – Of course you’ll want your clients to feel comfortable hiring you again. That means it’s important for you to keep notes, names, contact information, and entertainment preferences in a handy database that you can call quickly. Your clients will expect nothing less from you – nor should they. Your prices should reflect this, too.

Don’t forget that you are selling your clients on you.

They expect you to “step up” and be as professional, courteous, prompt, and organized as they are. This won’t be a problem, of course. Because the folks who referred your newest clients are probably those who were thrilled with the last event that you organized!

Once you have a small handful of clients, you may be in the enviable position of never having to actively market your event planning services, because your clients know the value that you provide – during every single event.

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