No matter what size of event you’re planning, a detailed event safety guide is a must-have document for all event planners.

In many cases, you can create one guide and use it for all of your events and update it as needed, so let’s talk about what you need to build an event safety guide…

Event Safety – How to Organize a Safe Event

In today’s video, I share what to be aware of before you create your event safety guide. Watch Now!

Not long ago, the Las Vegas shooting happened during the Route 91 Harvest music festival.

Nobody can foresee such a terrible incident, but event organizers can do their best to create a safety plan.

Safety plans are all about thinking ahead, planning for the worst and hoping for the best. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a family reunion, a festival, a meeting, or a baby shower, as an event planner, it’s important to have a plan in place.

And, as an event organizer, it is your responsibility to put a safety plan in place that includes a number of different components. So before getting started, consider these aspects of your event:

  1. As an event organizer, think about the size and type of your event.
  2. Who will attend your event? Families, children, elderly people, or maybe disabled people?
  3. What is the location of your event and will anything stand in the way of people getting to the event location or venue?
  4. Consider the weather, duration and time of day the event will take place.

I go into more detail in the video, but it’s important to plan for the worst case scenario and think about each area of your event as you’re creating your safety plan.

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