Have you ever attended an event and then asked yourself why you choose that event over another?

Or, have you wondered what it takes to get event attendees to buy tickets to your event?

That’s where event psychology comes in.

It’s a relatively new area of study in the event world and…

Simply put, it’s the understanding of people’s behaviour and experience. Basically, what is the attendee’s attitude toward your event?

Understanding event psychology helps us better understand the audience we’re attracting, what they like or dislike and what motivates them to attend an event.

Purposefully using these techniques is a smart marketing tool that is under-utilized in the event industry. Yet, it shows event planners how guests think and feel about an event, what motivates them and helps us know how people process our marketing and communication pieces.

By using the element of surprise and introducing something unexpected, you’re able to identify what makes people part of a group and how they feel connected to that group. Attendees are drawn to events that make them happy, make them smile or feel something that excites them.

This increases product, service and ticket sales.

Use Event Psychology to Improve Events

Event psychology covers neuroscience, sociology and psychology and there are a number of factors that can be considered to make your event more successful.

Victoria Matey from Matey Events shares the benefits to event planners and attendees, plus 3 hacks that you can use to improve your events.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  1. What is event psychology and why is it important to you as an event planner?
  2. What are the benefits of event psychology to event planners and to the event attendees?
  3. Three hacks around event psychology that’ll improve your events

Events are a great resource to learn how attendees behave, communicate and make decisions, and using event psychology shows you how these interactions are at the heart of the event.

Combining science and events helps create positive experiences because knowing why people buy tickets, for example, how people learn, what makes communication easier between people and why people choose an event over another.

You don’t have to be an event psychologist to understand that it plays an important role in your events and that your attendees are collecting small amounts of data throughout the event to draw an overall conclusion about its impact on them.

I’d love to hear from you.

Which of Victoria’s three hacks will you use at your next event?

Leave as much detail as you’d like in the comments below!

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Thanks for watching and contributing.

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  1. Sonja Brown at1:56 pm

    Very kind and soft spoken voice. Info made very good sense – especially the 3 Event Hacks

    1. Victoria Matey at5:26 pm

      Thank you Sonja! I am pleased to hear that. If you have any questions about applying science to your events, please do let me know.

  2. Angela at1:52 pm

    Brilliant!!! Fascinating topic. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

    1. Melanie at4:31 pm

      You’re very welcome, Angela!


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