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How To Make Your Event Proposal Stand Out

Every event planner knows the importance of writing a good proposal. Putting your ideas down on paper and presenting your vision and budget to the client are a necessary part of earning new business.

We’ve already shared our 5 Tips To Write A Winning Event Proposal, and you know what standard elements should be included in your proposal. But, especially if you’re new to the industry, how do you make your proposal stand out among a sea of larger, more experienced firms? Our tips below will help you get your event proposal noticed!

Use These Tips To Get Your Event Proposal Noticed!

#1 – Do Not Use A One-Size-Fits-All Proposal

A quick Google search will give you hundreds of proposal templates that can easily be filled in with your information. Although these might provide a good starting point, your proposal won’t stand out if it looks the same as everyone else’s. Each client is unique, but most importantly YOUR event planning business is unique.

Showcase your style and tie it into the client vision. The effort that you put into personalizing your proposal will indicate to the client the level of detail and customization they can expect from working with you.

#2 – Include Images & Design

The old idiom, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” rings true for event proposals. Images capture the client’s attention and can help you to better communicate your vision for the event. In 2015, the average adult attention span was 8 seconds that’s shorter than a goldfish’s attention span! So maximize the short time you have by making sure your proposal is eye-catching and engaging for your reader.

Think about including people in your pictures to help the client imagine themselves at the event. If you can use high-quality images from past events instead of stock photos, that’s even better.

Your images should complement the story you’re telling throughout your proposal. In addition, think about consulting a graphic designer to help polish your work. A small investment up front to improve your brand and image could mean big gains and top clients down the line!

#3 – Let Them Know You’re Listening

The worst type of event proposal focuses on the event planning company’s experience and capabilities instead of on the client’s goals and expectations. You might be the best planner in the industry, but if the proposal is all about you, the client is going to have a hard time imagining how you fit into their vision.

Be sure to recap their RFP, highlighting their goals and tying pieces of your proposal back to how those goals will be achieved.

Do your research on their brand and attendee demographics to be sure your proposal has the right tone of voice. Make it clear that customer service is your number one priority and you’re willing to work with them to fulfill their event vision.

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