We think podcasts are awesome because you can easily stream them from home or in the office or download them to your smartphone. 

Whether you’re driving to an event, washing the dishes or stuck in traffic, podcasts are a great way to stay current and up-to-date with the latest trends and happenings in the event industry.

So, which are the best event planning podcasts to listen to (and learn from)?

Event Planning Podcasts

For this list, we picked a wide range of new and existing podcasts, so you’ll find a little bit of everything listed here.

  1. SavvyEvent Podcast

Whether you want to learn about event planning or improve your events and knowledge, the Savvy Event Podcast. Your host, Tom Crowl, invites incredible event professionals to offer insights, ideas and case studies including yours truly!

  1. Event CEO

Event CEO focuses on business strategy, innovation and event technology and is a podcast for CEOs and Event Executives who are looking to maximize their event ROI. Rebecca Linder, Founder and CEO of Linder Global Events, serves as your host, sharing insights from her 20 years in business and curating conversations with c-suite leaders from leading corporations, non-profits and event companies.

  1. PlannersPod

From event planning and marketing tips to hiring talent, PlannersPod hosts, Toby Goodman and James Eager, bring on interesting guests from all across the event planning spectrum, including wedding planners, conference experts, event speakers, and caterers.

  1. TechsyTalk Unscripted

Liz King is well known in the event industry for her expertise in event technology. In her event planning podcasts Liz takes you behind the velvet rope of the event industry to engage in some candid conversations.

  1. Meetings Podcast

For our meeting planners, Meetings Podcast is the longest running podcast for event planners, meeting planners and meeting organizers. It’s a great source for information and interviews in the meetings and events industry.

  1. Turn of Events

A Social Tables podcast about events and people that make them happen. With a fresh new spin to who they interview and the topics they discuss, you’ll find everything from how to get the best event photo to ‘Hustle in Hospitality’.

  1. Wedding Planning Podcast

Combining her love of wine and weddings, Kara has planned over 2,000 weddings so she has seen it all.

She offers an incredible amount of knowledge about wedding and event planning with down-to-earth guidance. It’s the perfect event planning podcast for engaged couples planning their wedding and wedding planners alike!

  1. EventIcons

Speaking about topics like event security, the best event destination, using client gifts to close more business, and improving your attendee experience, the EventIcons podcast sits down for an hour each week with the biggest names in the event industry. This is the perfect event planning podcast for event planners, vent producers, meeting planners, or those who just love events.

  1. Event Industry News

Event Industry News provides the latest news, views and reviews of the events industry and their podcast is listened to by event planners and managers, event promoters, production companies, and event suppliers.

  1. Social Media Marketing Podcast

The podcast for business owners who want to know what works on social media.

Whether you’re looking for in-depth expert advice or want to keep up with social media news, you’ll discover the knowledge you need to make your event business grow.

Once you’ve had a chance to listen, I’d love to hear from you. 

What’s one insight or takeaway you got from any of the above podcasts (any episode)? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Share as much detail as you can because thousands of event planners come here for insight and inspiration.

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  1. Vicky Toomer at8:37 am

    Thank you for providing these links and podcast, I found this useful. I selected Social Media Marketing Podcast and enjoyed the mix of topics and enjoyed listening to him. I also like how he seemed to have a number of guests, talking about their experiences, giving tips etc as the more techniques your hear about the more you can try and learn. In particular I enjoyed the creating an Insta story podcast and it gave a great insight of why we should be doing them and the opportunity this gives us a business to show our personalities and show the face behind the brand. A simple message I took away but very effective.

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at6:14 am

      Glad you enjoyed it!


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