Event Planning jobs are out there if get your event planning marketing started, create a plan and work the plan. Event planners can spend a lot of time wishing clients would come to them, but generating interest and getting hired requires careful thought, research and strategy.

To maximize your efforts, here are 5 tips to help you land an event planning job.

5 tips you can use right away:

1. Use the contacts you already have to find event planning jobs

Now is the perfect time to contact your clients, prospects and event planning vendors. But don’t worry; I’m not suggesting you call them all! Even for someone like me, who has spent years in sales and on the phone, I know it can be a painful and exhausting thought.

Instead email them an attractive and short newsletter.

A few things to have in your newsletter: testimonials, photos, and/or success stories, and information about an event you recently managed.

This is a great reminder for your past clients to remember your event planning business.

2. Talk about your event planning business at an event

You’ll be shocked how many people know about event planning jobs within their circle of friends, family and co-workers. Be sure to target the right demographic for your event planning business.

You might end up talking to an executive assistant who is frustrated because her boss asks her to plan the company events without more allocated time to her day and a pay increase. Or, you could be sitting next to someone who is planning their first event but not sure where to start and doesn’t have time to do all the work, and they never thought about hiring an event planner until they met you.

Take a minute to think about how many at the event may know someone who could be in these situations.

Are you afraid of public speaking? Start small. How about speaking about event planning and answering event planning related questions to a local group of business owners? Or maybe you’re more interested in hosting your own event planning meet-up at a local watering hole or business center?

3. Reward clients and remind them what services you provide

Using well thought out business giftscan be an effective way to get event planning jobs and build your business. I believe the best gifts are thoughtful ones. I’m not a fan of pens, mugs and Frisbees with your logo on them, but you know what’s best for your audience and your business. I suggest you use your creativity and ask others what gifts they like to receive.

Don’t blow your budget!

You can be very selective about who you send a gift to and it can be as simple as sending flowers that are in season.

Who should you send gifts to? What about clients who just moved into a new office and may need to have an office warming party for their staff and clients; Or what about sending a congratulatory (hand-written!) note to a vendor you haven’t used in awhile with a Starbucks gift card to simply wish them a great day. These small gestures can go a long way!

note: don’t forget that many vendors recommend event planners to their clients.

4. Sending out an event planning press release

People always want to know what’s in it for them so write about something newsworthy in your press release. You can provide event planning tips or a story about how to choose the right colors for their wedding day.

5. Give your event-planning portfolio a facelift

Is your event-planning portfolio ready to showcase you and your business? Have you included before and after photos of events you’ve planned and managed or do your pictures need to be updated with better photos, or maybe your photos need to be retouched so they’re clear and bright.

How do you get event planning jobs?

I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments, share what kind of event planning job you’re looking for – whether with a company, another event planner, or if you’re looking for your own clients, and let us know which tip you’re going to start using right away. Have an amazing day,

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