I’ve got a serious question for all you lovely professional event planners out there.

How do you stay in love with what you do? And how do you keep the passion, and the successes, going in your business?

Some Challenges…

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my early beginnings as an event planning professional. I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I first got started as an event planner, there were a few things about the industry that wasn’t immediately evident to me.

There were also a few challenges I didn’t anticipate as a new entrepreneur trying to start a successful company.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE what I do, and wouldn’t trade this journey for anything in the world! But full disclosure here: I’ve had my fair share of challenges along the way.

It was pretty frustrating at times, especially when it came to certain industry topics, like knowing how to develop my client base, or how to charge my clients and stay profitable, and even finding inventive ways to maintain that ‘WOW’ factor with my existing clients.

Lessons Learned

But over time, I learned significant lessons that helped me grow my event business by leaps and bounds. I’ve had some great mentors that helped me to think creatively as an event planner and fabulous friends who helped me to think smartly about how I ran my business.

Having been blessed with amazing connections like these, I was motivated to pay it forward to my peeps in the events planning industry. I knew I wanted my fellow event planners to realize the same successes while doing this work we all love to do.

And that’s how our event planning forum was born.

An online event planning forum.

Joining an Event Planning Forum

Created with all my fabulous industry colleagues in mind, the Society is an event planning forum where professionals can connect with, and support each other. I think it’s a great place to meet other planners from all walks of life, and in varied phases of their careers.

So whether you’re a seasoned professional or brand-spanking new to the game, you might find our cozy little group to be the perfect place for building relationships, getting clarity on industry issues that affect us all, and of course, championing the wins of the community.

Do you know that old adage about strength in numbers? Well, that rings especially true when it comes to the life of a successful event planning professional. So if you’re an industry newcomer, the chance to network with like-minded business owners could help you to design a successful start-up. It’s also the perfect resource for established entrepreneurs looking for creative business strategies.

The Events Planner’s Society was created to be a strong network of great people who are passionate about event planning, and entrepreneurship. It’s a supportive community of event planners learning from, and growing with each other.

The professionals in this group represent several niches in our industry – from meeting and corporate event planners, through professionals specializing in weddings and lavish birthday celebrations, to fundraisers (and everything in between).

Valuable Insights

With that kind of talent, the event planning forum is a solid resource to help you develop your skills as a planner while gaining valuable insights into topics like event design, running a successful business, and so much more.

Speaking of insights – I’d have to say that one of the most important lessons I learned in this profession was the difference between creating successful events and running a successful business. Running your own business, and making it lucrative is not the simplest task in the world.

Being an entrepreneur often requires striking a fine balance between next-level creativity as an event planner, and sharpening one’s skills as a savvy business owner. Regardless of how long you’ve been planning events, knowledge like that doesn’t always come easily!

I think that’s probably my biggest reason for establishing the Events Planner’s Society…

As much as I love all the planning, I’m just as passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. I truly believe it starts with connecting to a supportive community of industry professionals.

Fresh Perspective

The Events Planners Forum is a good way to gain a fresh perspective on planning events and running a successful business.

And of course, we have a ton of other great resources on our site that can guide you even further, like our Boost Your Event Business program – a comprehensive business program for event planners.

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  1. Donnie at11:44 pm

    Hello! I am always open to learning more about the event planning industry. Where is the forum?

  2. Miami at10:38 am

    I know that Event planning is the process of managing a project such as a meeting, convention, tradeshow, ceremony, team building activity, party, or convention. Event planning is the energizing art of choreographing people and activities in order to create a show that creates memories of a lifetime. Planners must multi-task on several things at one time, face numerous deadlines, and orchestrate the activities of many diverse groups of people. I am Following you to get information and knowledge.

    1. Melanie at8:50 pm

      Thanks for following us, we’re happy you’re getting the info and knowledge you need!

  3. Shahriq at2:18 am

    Awesome content! Do you have a team underneath you or do you often take things head-on?

    1. Melanie at6:09 pm

      I definitely have a team. Businesses aren’t built with one person 🙂


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