Since I was young, I’ve been a believer in following your heart and your dreams. No matter what everyone else says or thinks.

This isn’t always easy.

After all, I’ve heard it all.

It’s too risky. How will you pay your bills.

Don’t you want health benefits?

Will you actually make any money?

What if you fail?

And in the beginning, when I started my event business in 2004, I wasn’t sure which direction to go.

I knew it was a big life decision not to rely on a steady paycheque (paycheck, for our American friends :)) and to rely solely on my own know-how and drive.

And I learned early on to stop asking friends and family for their opinion. I know they mean well, but those conversations often left me feeling more confused and unsure than when I started.

I really had to listen and trust what I wanted from my life and career – even if I was scared to make my event planning dreams come true.

If you’ve ever felt this way and also wondered if you should take a leap of faith in yourself, I’m going to share a simple technique I’ve used when faced with a daunting decision.

The best part, it works every time!

The truth is, for me, success and failure are the same thing. You need to fail to succeed and no success comes without (some sort of) failure.

The only thing I know for sure is that you have to make the right decision for you.

Make Your Event Planning Dreams Come True

Here’s how…
  1. Close your eyes and think about the 80 year old version of you. What does she say to you, what does she think, what’s she happy about in terms of accomplishments from her life, and what are her regrets?
Whether it’s leaving a job to become an event planner, starting your own event business, or skydiving, imagine yourself towards the end of your life. Will you regret letting the fear of change win over following your heart and passion for event planning?
  1. Once you know what your 80 year old self would do, now it’s time to define that dream by taking 30 minutes to write it down. It’s important to write down your goals and dreams because you’re more likely to achieve them when you do.
Don’t believe me, neuroscience says so too.
  1. Now it’s time to take action because without taking action nothing is possible. The number one action you can take right now is to stop procrastinating. Stop telling yourself you’ll start on Monday, or the 1st of the month or in the New Year. Start right now because action creates momentum and momentum motivates you and moves you closer to your dream of being an event planner.
If you’re still feeling scared to make your event planning dreams come true, ask yourself this…

Have you ever regretted a decision when you did follow your heart?

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s one thing that’s stopping you from making your event planning dreams come true?

Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for sharing your comments and being part of our International community of event planners.

Lotsa love,

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  1. Brenda Hopwood at11:45 pm

    My fear is starting Event Planning Business, with my age, I am 67 years old but body and mind is still very young, have you know anyone who started later in life, this has been my dream for a long time.

    Looking forward to your comments and suggestion in regards to my fear.

    1. Melanie at11:05 am

      Passion is going to fuel you so focus on your strengths and the experience you have planning events. Also, tapping into your existing network and letting them know you’re available to plan their events will help boost your confidence!

  2. DeDe at11:57 pm

    The thing that is stopping me is feeling as though I still don’t know enough. I think I am addicted to the preparation and research stage.

    1. Melanie at6:57 pm

      We hear and see that A LOT, but the only thing that will move you forward is to take action. Knowledge is power but don’t let it stop you from taking action.

      One thing we suggest to our students is to create a list of 3 things you must get done this week that will actually move the needle — not more research, but reaching out to 3 prospects, for example. Do this every week and watch what happens.

      Everyone has to start somewhere and even the most experienced event planners took action to get to where they are now. They weren’t perfect either!

  3. Kathy Sullivan at6:29 pm

    My fear is not knowing how to get started correctly in regards to setting up business and also a bit nervous about starting it during the COVID pandemic when unemployment is high and people are scared.

    1. Melanie at6:54 pm

      Those are valid concerns, Kathy. We know Covid will end eventually so why not get your business processes set up so you’re ready to go when it does end?


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