The idea of trying to find an event coordinator job in a post-Covid world can feel overwhelming or even seem unreal. 

COVID-19 has drastically affected ALL businesses and their employees in one way or another. The travel, hospitality, and events industries were hit pretty hard and many experienced event coordinators were forced to adapt to the shifting landscape. Some lost their jobs completely.

So, what does this mean for event coordinators who are looking for work? 

But the way events are run, what (most) clients need and want, and how event planners run their events have changed. A lot! 


How Event Planning Jobs Have Changed Since Covid Shutdowns


The good news…

Covid has opened a new door for event coordinators.

According to Forbes, virtual events attract MORE potential clients and customers than pre-Covid events. 

Virtual events also make working with existing clients easier because there’s no commute! You meet at any time from the comfort and safety of your home. 

So does this mean that in-person events are no longer needed? 

No, not at all. 

Some events will go back to what they were, but mostly the social events like weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, and parties. 

But, the new kid on the block will take over the corporate world – at least for a while.

Hybrid Events 

Hybrid events are a close cousin to virtual events. It’s an event where some people meet in person, while others attend online.

Hybrid events help businesses stay in front of their customers. 

And an increasing number of businesses are using these events because they reach more customers than before Covid started. 

What if tech overwhelms or intimidates you? 

Being tech-savvy is a must for event coordinators in a post-Covid world, regardless of what type of events you plan. 

You have to know how to:

  • Use various platforms to host events… 
  • Understand how to keep attendees engaged, or…
  • Know how to hire the right people to do these for you.

Covid-19 has changed the way people like to meet. Preparing for virtual and hybrid events is more common, and will remain that way even when Covid becomes a thing of the past.

To learn How to Deliver Engaging Virtual Events, watch this video.

So what if you’re not planning your own events and you’re looking for companies that are hiring?…

Where should you start looking?

4 Places to Find Event Coordinator Job

Online job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter have always been a way to find amazing jobs. But there are also job boards just for the event industry. 

Here are 4 websites dedicated to job posts for event planners:

  • MPIWeb.Org is the most high-profile site that lists event coordination jobs. They even offer to improve your resume by simply submitting it for a free review.
  • (International Live Events Association) allows you to meet thousands of professionals in your market field. Their site offers a career section to find jobs that best suit your skills and schedule. 
  • is the world’s largest network of Business Events Strategists. Professional Convention Management Association has a job section where you can find jobs in your relative field.
  • Endless Events is a US-based event production company that handles AV, event production, and event technology. Please note: most of their positions are remote and they hire worldwide! 

You can also use the power of Google to search for event coordinator jobs. Here are some keywords to use when searching for these jobs:

  • Meeting planner
  • Meeting manager
  • Meeting coordinator
  • Meeting director
  • Event manager
  • Event coordinator
  • Event assistant
  • Event director
  • Event communications specialists
  • Project manager
  • Office coordinator
  • Event marketer

When searching for event coordinator jobs, your resume should list any Covid-19-related skills you’ve acquired, such as having live streaming experience in the latest virtual event technology, working well under pressure, and adapting to changing market conditions. 

Updating your resume with skills learned during the pandemic will help you stand out among the pool of applicants. It will also increase your chances of getting the job you’re looking for.


Preparing for the Post-Covid Job Market


The job market has changed for event coordinators since the start of Covid-19. Many people are now doing virtual and hybrid events for individuals who are still uneasy about returning to social life. 

To be successful in the post-pandemic world you need to be familiar with the technology used for virtual events. 

Virtual events cost less than in-person events and you can repeat the events if necessary.

Virtual events such as webinars, digital conferences, and video meetups need marketing. You cannot host the best events if you don’t use (or know how to use) social media engagement, graphic, and web design, copywriting, or being on camera. 

Quite honestly, if you learn just one of these and do it really well, I suspect your phone will be ringing off the hook with job offers! 


Skills you Need as an Event Coordinator Post Covid-19 for In-Person Events


There are three things that every event coordinator needs to know how to do in the post-Covid world: social distancing design and management, community management, and data decision making.

  • Social Distancing Design and Management: Even with the vaccine, social distancing is necessary to stop the spread of the virus. Event coordinators need to get creative in implementing social distancing and other safety and sanitation measures. Protect yourself and your clients by implementing hand sanitizing stations, placing seating the proper distance apart, and ensuring you are following CDC guidelines.
  • Community Management: With the world being stuck at home for more than a year, people are eager to interact with society again. Community managers are all about engaging with the community that is important to the organization or client you are planning an event for. Understanding that community will help you engage more with them and enhance the impact of the event.
  • Data Decision Making: It is more critical than ever that businesses study the data they have accumulated during the pandemic. This data will give clues and insights about what clients want. Analyzing data has become increasingly important as Covid-19 continues to affect the way the world functions. This data helps you plan, promote, and launch a successful event.

As we move into the post-Covid world, traditional methods of event planning are beginning to become outdated. 

As technology changes, so does the way businesses and people operate. 

The same goes for the event industry and the jobs you’re looking for. 

If you’re ready to become an event planner or start your event business, click here to learn how.

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