Do you ever wonder if you need a mission statement in order to create a memorable and meaningful event business?

Do you struggle to articulate the vision you have for your events and your event business?

Some event planners are very focused and know exactly who they serve and why, while others spin their wheels and dread the idea of having to create a clear plan and path.

When talking about a mission statement, your mission is to get really clear and stay focused. It’s how you’re going to give your event business direction and it helps you find the right clients.

Your business mission is your core purpose and your business mission statement describes the values that drives business, so this is the soul of your brand and it’s the reason your company does what it does in the way it does it.

It’s about bringing your own unique perspective and your own touch to what you do. We all have different ways of working with clients and have different clients we love to work with, like corporate event clients, brides and grooms, or even children’s parties, for example.

Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement is really the driving force behind everything you and your team does – even if you’re a team of one right now.

It should be the driving force with everything you’re doing internally with your event business and externally with your prospects, your vendors and your associates.

This shapes your internal corporate culture and one of the reasons you need this internal anchor is to stay on track.

So what does a good mission statement look like?

This example is from sweetgreen: A destination for healthy food.

One of the good markers of a good mission statement for your event planning business is that it helps you organize and make decisions. For example, sweetgreen is about delicious, organic and local food and they’re all about having relationships with the people who produce the food they sell.

If another company comes to them and wants to sell them conventionally grown food or food produced in another country, they’re unlikely to purchase it from that supplier because it’s not aligned with their values.

By having a clear statement that reflects what they stand for, they’re able to measure opportunities against their clear mission statement.

Examples of Mission Statements

So what does this look like when we get into some event planning mission statements?

Let’s look at Plush Events…their mission is:

“to provide 360 degree event management services to clients throughout the private and commercial sector, while ensuring that everyone – staff, clients and guests – enjoy the experience.”

This makes it very clear to recognize when there’s an opportunity and when there’s an opportunity that doesn’t fit their event business.

They won’t do children’s parties or weddings because they work with the private and commercial sectors.

They also want to do 360 degree event management services so potential clients are unlikely to approach them if they only want the entertainment handled for an event.

This is an example of why crafting a mission statement helps you organize your team and think in terms of what you’re here to do and how you’re here to do it. But also, it helps your prospective clients recognize themselves within your mission too.

A mission statement clearly communicates what you do and why you do it. And how you do it.

It’s a great way of capturing what your event business is really about and you’re able to use it for everything that you build in your business, including your marketing, website design, conversations, and copy for your marketing materials.

So, a good mission statement is going to help you attract the right clients, make the right decisions and it’s a way to motivate and inspire you and your team.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below, let me know…

Do you have a mission for you, your business and your clients?

If you do, what advice do you have for those event planners who struggle to craft their perfect statement that reflects what they’re all about and why they do what they do?

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