4 Tips to Get Business Through Social Media

Whether you are just starting out as a party planner or you have been working at it for years, you will need to be consistent in your efforts to find new clients. While you will certainly get a good amount of referrals through word of mouth, they may not be enough to carry your revenue stream. You will need to do more to drum up business to ensure that there are no gaps in your schedule.

Social media and outlets like your website or your blog are great resources for creating more exposure for your party planning business and attracting new clients.

Here are a 4 tips to use so you drum up new business through your social media profiles and other outlets:

Create a Fun Space

Party planning is about having fun. Your potential clients are in a celebratory mood when they start looking for your services. They don’t want a lot of dry information about the quality of your services or your guarantees. While that information is important, it shouldn’t be the focus for your social networks.

Instead, you should be creating a fun space. That means sharing ideas for party planning, creating Pinterest boards with top themes or decor ideas, or showing off inspirational setups. People will love going to your profiles to get ideas. They’ll come back again and again, and they will soon start to learn more about your business in the process. You’ll lay the groundwork for what could become a successful business relationship.

Offer Incentives You can attract more attention to your page and move your followers toward becoming customers by offering incentives. Contests and giveaways are a great way to generate buzz. If you give away a planning package as your prize, you can even convert that follower into a long-term customer or get referrals for future business. While I’m not a fan of discounts, which are a more straightforward promotion that can translate into direct business, because they don’t have long term benefits to your event planning business. If you do offer a discount, make it exclusive to your social media or blog followers to provide incentives for new followers.

Become an Information Powerhouse

Providing information about party planning is a great way to attract the kind of clients you want to sign. Before many customers even think about hiring a planner for their event, they will go looking for information about how to put it together. If you offer this information on your blog, you will attract more potential customers to your site. By showing all that goes into planning a successful event, you will also be indirectly showing them the need to hire a planner, creating a stronger sales funnel. Use Hashtags Hashtags are an easy way to attract new customers and to create exposure for your brand. You can use hashtags to great effect on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and they are becoming more useful on Facebook. Make sure you choose hashtags that reflect the keywords your customers will actually use. You should think about them searching not only for information about hiring a party planner but also information about the party planning itself. Take full advantage of your social media and other online outlets to drum up new business for your party planning company. Use these tips to help you create more exposure for your brand and to convert more of your leads. You’ll quickly grow your event services company and start meeting your goals this year. You’ll also create a steady stream of business so you don’t have to worry about any dry spells.

I’d like to hear from you

Now that I’ve shared these 4 tips with you, in the comments below, let me know what you’re using to growing your business through social media. As always, thanks for joining me each week, for your comments and for sharing these posts with other event planners.


  1. Kasonta Daniels at9:25 am

    I am working on having my website dobe. Most people who are starting to contact want to see a website. Facebook is becoming an awesome tool. Learning a fan page is better to have than just working off my personal page.

    1. Event Planning Blueprint at8:59 am

      Facebook is a great tool to have for your events business, I agree! Thanks Kasonta.

  2. SRC at5:38 am

    Have you ever tried Eventstagram (http://eventstagr.am/) for this? It´s a really cool programme that makes your social media marketing boom, all thanks to your guests uploading pictures to Instagram and Twitter with your hashtag.
    We took full advantage of our social media potential with this tool, and millions of people saw a picture of our event, since the guests were motivated to take pictures and post them to see themselves appear directly on a big screen we had at the venue. A must for any event planner nowadays!


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