Whether you’re just starting your event business or you’ve been planning events for years. Here are some simple steps to follow to get hired as an event planner:

1. Know why your prospective client wants to hire an event planner. What tasks/services to do you need to do on their behalf? Do they want you to plan from start-to-finish or just part of the event. For example, many planners are hired to manage the onsite logistics the day of the event only. Do you need to help plan the menu, select the venue, coordinate materials like invites, brochures, etc.

2. What is the event objective? Why is this event taking place and what’s its purpose? Who will attend and where will it take place?

3. Create a budget. Based on the objective of the event (why, what, who and where) you should put together a budget for your client. Creating a comprehensive budget, or reconciliation template, is an essential piece of event planning. Everything must be accounted for and it’s a good idea to keep an updated budget at all times so you can keep your client informed throughout the planning process. This will also include your fee.

4. Have references. Keep a list of references, where you’ve held events before, various industries you’ve worked with or for. I like to keep photo albums to help tell the story of the events I’ve planned.

Do you have other suggestions?

Please comment below and share your best tips to get hired as an event planner.

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