Are you being held back from getting your event planning business started?

Are you held back from getting your event planning business started because you don’t have an event planning business name that you like? Most of us want to choose something that we will like for a long time, but thankfully your name choice doesn’t have to be permanent and you can change it, if necessary.

So, if picking the right event planning business name is stopping you from getting your event planning business started, pick something you’re happy with now and change it later if you choose.

Otherwise the weeks and months will continue to go by and you won’t be any close to making a living doing what you love.

Event Planning Business Name

Did you know you’re not bound to being a sole proprietor or corporation either? This is an important decision so I recommend consulting a lawyer or accountant to get the appropriate advice for your business and the area you live in. The decision to incorporate may not be suitable for you – especially when you first start your event planning business, but there can be many benefits (like tax breaks!) if you do decide to incorporate.

This is to say that once you have decided to be a sole proprietorship, a LLC or an incorporated company with whatever name you choose, it doesn’t have to be that way forever and there are many options for you as you grow your event planning business and update your mission and vision for your business.

Share your experiences in the comment section.

Has the fear of picking the wrong name held you back or have you decided to change your event planning business name?

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