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Event Planning Blueprint
Event Certification Courses
Event Planning Course
The world's leading online event course to become a successful event planner. This popular program guides you through each step so you get your certification and become the event planner you've always wanted to be...starting today!

Boost Your Event Business
Everything How to Be an Event Planner includes AND it'll accelerate your learning in sales & marketing and business development too. This powerful business program quickly moves you in the right direction and is perfect for event planners who are ready for long-lasting results in their business.
(It's 3 complete courses in 1 easy-to-follow program)
Event Planning Templates & Guides
The Event Toolkit Bundle PRO
Everything The Event Toolkit offers PLUS get your event contracts and sponsorship templates for any type of event that you're planning. They're all professionally designed too!

The Event Toolkit
Whether you're planning a wedding, a bridal or baby shower, a workshop, or a fundraiser, get this proven system of budgets, calculators and other necessary resources to help you plan successful events from start-to-finish.

Kickstart Your Event Business
Start your event business with a “Business Map” for creating a business you love… Without this start-up guide, your lack of direction could be the ONE thing holding you back from unlimited happiness and success.

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